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Some Recs

Rec time!

I can highly recommend khylara’s No More Doubts, a Public Enemies fanzine available here. You can purchase it as a zine or a download.

I must say, I was skeptical that a four-way could be done, as it’s tough enough to do pairings or threesomes, but it works! I think it’s the strength of the characterizations that does it for me. khylara has drawn sharp characterizations, especially Johnny. The foursome are NOT interchangeable. They are distinct personalities who somehow work (and love) together. She has successfully integrated Johnny, Billie, Mel and Carter into this little family.

I also have a thing for people who live on the fringes of society creating their own families, and this hits all my buttons! :) I’ve read it several times already, and it’s a delightful read.

Next, siriusfanatic and I are currently the most prolific authors in Public Enemies fandom, and she is definitely one of my favorites. Every time I see a story posted with her name on it, I sit down to savor it. :) She’s also a talented artist!

I could rec quite a few of her stories, but I’ll go with two: her first and latest.

Know Your Enemy takes some of the events of the movie and places them in a wonderful AU as Johnny and Mel fall hard and fast for each other while Johnny’s on the run and Mel’s supposed to be the one catching him. He does, but not for the reasons he was appointed Hoover’s No. 1 G-Man! ;) Billie is an important part of this story, too, as Johnny’s girl (and eventually Mel’s, too), and the characterizations are spot on, and her plotting is intricate and exciting. There are two endings to this story, one sad, one happy. I’d recommend reading the sad one first, if only to better appreciate the happy one! :)

siriusfanatic posts her stories to guns_fedoras, and we use the tagging system of authors, but since she has such a plethora of work, I’d recommend going to the comm’s Archives and checking July, August, and September 2009 and you’ll find all the relevant links. Here are the first two chapters to start you off: Chapter One and Chapter Two.

Finally, her latest piece is truly haunting. Please make sure to read her warnings, as there may be triggers for some people. She has written a Southern Gothic story, When I’m With Him, I’m Thinking Of You, that focuses on Mel, whose grief and despair over losing Johnny is made all the worse by falling into Hoover’s trap. Hoover has lusted after Mel for months, and now he’s going to take what a broken Mel still refuses to give.

This story will break your heart, but there are ribbons of light in the darkness. One of her best works!

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