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No Spamalot!

Well, as you can see, no spam today! ;) I decided to smoosh all the chapters together since I had to post them all in the same day for lgbtfest, anyway. I had a good time writing Gossamer Wings because I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort, especially as I like to add in quite a bit of comfort to the hurt. :) I also enjoy writing about people who love each other despite pain.

Wow, last night Celtics' game was amazing! The bench players came out in the fourth quarter and kicked butt! Big Baby, Nate, Tony, 'Sheed...the second unit really energized the team! The Garden was rockin'! Series tied at two! Woot! :)
Tags: boston celtics, boston garden, challenge, fest, gossamer wings, melvin purvis/johnny dillinger
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