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Talent Meme

This meme can work for writers, artists, fanmixers, vidders, and people who create other graphics such as icons, manips, and wallpapers. Choose your talent!

1. What pairings/characters that I write do you enjoy the most?

2. What stories stand out in your memory? C’mon, there’s gotta be at least one! ;)

3. What genre do I write best? Humor, drama, hurt/comfort, fluff, PWP, horror, romance, deathfic, slavefic, AU? Something else?

4. Have you ever read an unfamiliar pairing/fandom because you trusted me as a writer? Did you ever become a fan because of my introduction?

5. What is it about my writing style that says bradygirl_12 to you?

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Tags: fanfic, meme, writing
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