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Retro TV!

Ah, fandom! :)

I was clicking around the channels last week because of a hellacious headache I had and didn't want to sit in front of the computer, just watch TV, and found the 1970s TV show, Emergency! on the Retro TV channel (is that channel made for me or what?).

I've always had a fondness for that show and haven't seen it in years. It's nice to watch a medical drama that doesn't have blood splattered all over the walls, y'know? ;) Also, the nurses had honest-to-goodness caps! As a little girl, I loved nurses' uniforms and caps! There were so many different kinds! When I was in the hospital it was very cool to see the real thing. :) I know that what nurses wear today is way more comfortable, but I still miss caps. *sighs*

Anyway, it was fun to watch some of the old episodes and I wonder how many people were inspired to become paramedics by this show?

Oh, and there was Johnny and Roy as a very cute couple! ;) All the other firefighters of Station 51 didn't exactly crack mirrors, either. ;)

Yeah, it wasn't exactly Rescue Me, but sometimes it's nice to see firefighters who aren't drunks or using four-letter words every other word. Yeah, I know, not 'realistic', but I get enough realism in RL!

I got a plot bunny and might just write some Emergency! fic! LOL!

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