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"Salvation" (Smallville 9.22) (May 14, 2010)

"Salvation" (Season 9) (Episode 22) (May 14, 2010)

The awesomeness that is Smallville (And I don’t say that too often)! ;)

Let me just squee a minute. ;)

Okay, the opening scene: Clark finding the box with the note saying what it contained was for him if he decided to stay, and we see the familiar red-yellow-and-blue colors! Woot! Because after Smallville’s continual darkness, we NEED a bright, primary-colored Superman! Cool outfit, Clark, but ditch the Matrix duster! ;)

And you know what? This is the first time I really felt as if this version of Clark would become the Superman we know and love. He’ll be a little darker, a little angstier, because his history in this ‘verse has put him through the wringer, but this is the first time I felt as if he’s really going to be the symbol of hope that has previously only been talked about.

And is Clark’s psyche interesting or what? Lois is Super-Reporter (with glasses!) while he is her errand boy, Perry White is editor, and Superman is the hero we know and love. Oh, and the supposedly dead Lex is running for President! Either he thinks Lex isn’t dead or wishes he wasn’t. Clexers can take solace and have a bit of a squee here. ;)

Clark will always want to try and save people, and redeem them, but in the end, he was willing not to try with Zod after all. He weighed the consequences and chose the greater good.

He was pretty calm about leaving Earth forever, too, but I feel that is a sign of his new maturity. No doubt it was tearing him up inside to leave the only planet he’d ever known, and all his loved ones…forever! Yet he didn’t moan or groan about it, though you could see how it was hurting him.

Chloe and Ollie were brusque, trying to contain their own grief at the impending loss. Both love Clark, and losing him…it was nearly unthinkable.

Though I’ll admit that Chloe did seem pretty eager to see Clark go, almost. ;)

Poor Tess! I felt sorry for her. No one should have to suffer that kind of pain, and you could see Clark thinking the same at her bedside.

Is she dead? Ha! This is comicsville, baby! She’ll be back! ;)

Is there a villain with a knitting fetish I’m not aware of? And Ollie is captured by non-Kandorans. Interesting.

I loved seeing the JLA and JSA working together even if they were arguing, but Clark brought them together. He will be the great facilitator, because he hates fighting with friends and he hates to see his friends fighting amongst themselves! He really keeps the Justice League together in comicsverse and ‘toonverse, too.

I wonder what Clark’s life would have been like with his people? A lot of his knowledge gained on Earth would be useless on a new world, but some could have been valuable. He would learn more about his heritage, and undoubtedly become a leader, especially after Zod had been discredited by his own words.

It was a stellar moment to see the egomaniacal Zod trip himself up, forgetting that the followers he gave powers to could hear him whisper! LOL!

And Clark sacrificing himself…yes! I think Smallville does better with cliffhangers, LOL!

Thank the Goddess that the showdown battle wasn’t as lame as the Doomsday fight from last year. This actually had some zip with a television budget!

So the Kandorans are gone, a new threat has surfaced, Clark has pretty much left his relationship with Lois in a mess, and he’s headed for the pavement. And when Lois said, “Clark!” after the kiss, was it because she knows it’s Clark, or is thinking how she thought badly of him after being tricked by Zod?

Stay tuned! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel! Whoops, wrong hero! ;)

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