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Fic: Crystal Rain Book I: Whatever Happened To Melvin Purvis? (5/19)

Title: Crystal Rain Book I: Whatever Happened To Melvin Purvis? (5/19)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Teddy/Chuck, Steven Cawley, Jeremiah Naehring, Trey Washington, Rachel Solando, Ellie Marino, Mel/Johnny (Johnny does not appear in this chapter), Andrew ‘Kel’ Kelloway
Series Notes: My notes grew too voluminous for the header, so you can find them in a separate entry here.
Fandoms: Public Enemies/Shutter Island
Genres: Angst, AU, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings (this chapter): None.
Spoilers: For Shutter Island, some scenes were tailored by me to fit this story. Nothing in this story references the major plot twist of the book or movie. I used the same settings and characters, but in a very AU way. For Public Enemies, nothing except for the ultimate fate of John Dillinger, and that’s historical fact, anyway.
General Summary: U.S. Marshals Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule are sent to Shutter Island on a unique assignment, and while there, discover shocking answers to a decades-old mystery.
Chapter Summary: The Marshals can’t get patient Mel Parker out of their thoughts.
Date Of Completion: March 27, 2010
Date Of Posting: May 13, 2010
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Dennis Lehane, Paramount and Universal do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1430
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: This is a story that started running through my head as soon as I left the theater after my first viewing. Like the patients on Shutter Island, I can’t escape! ;)
The entire series can be found here.



"He looked at me with big eyes that begged me to help him.
I couldn’t get to him in time. Those eyes have haunted me ever since."

Sir Alan Richardson
"Ghosts Of The Great War"
1929 C.E.

Dinner was a jovial enough affair. Teddy and Chuck were impressed by the quality of the food: filet mignon, baked potatoes with sour cream and chives, and the last of the kitchen garden’s carrots and zucchini.

“We try to be as self-sufficient as possible,” said Cawley. “It’s good therapy for our patients to garden, and we get the benefit of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

“Can’t argue with that,” said Teddy as he enjoyed the vegetables.

“We have canned goods as back-ups, but our kitchen staff is quite talented. They put up quite a few preserves for the winter.”

“But you get deliveries of other supplies, like meat and coffee and sugar?” Chuck asked.

Cawley nodded. “A local fisherman supplies us with fish, and his brother supplies us with lobsters in the summer.”

“Sounds great, Doc. Nothing like fish fresh off the boat.” Chuck smiled.

“And you know fresh fish, don’t you, Marshal?”

Chuck laughed. “True, Doc. I come from a long line of proud Gloucester fishermen and Maine lobstermen.”

“New Bedford whalers, too, back in the day,” Teddy smirked.

“Isn’t a fisherman’s background one you share, Marshal Daniels?” asked Cawley.

“Dad was a fisherman, yes.”

“Seems like you have quite a bit in common, then: the sea in your blood, New England roots, service in Europe, and now Federal Marshals.”

Teddy and Chuck grinned at each other, Teddy picking up his glass. “I don’t mind a day at the beach, Doc, but it’s not really my dream to get up before dawn and haul up fishnets all day.”

Cawley chuckled. “But surely you keep even odder hours as a U.S. Marshal.”

“True, but sea spray doesn’t get in my face.”

“Ah, yes.” Cawley cut a piece of steak. “Some of our food is below culinary standards when we have to rely on Government allotments, but that’s why the vegetable gardens were started.”

“Are the patients satisfied with the food?”

“Mostly. However, there are finicky eaters here, just as anywhere else, and sometimes mental illness saps the appetite.”

“That’ll do it.”

“Really excellent steak.” Chuck savored the juicy meat.

“We must have our little perks,” Naehring said.

“Absolutely.” Teddy rubbed his eyes.

“You gentlemen must be tired. Shutter Island can drain one,” Cawley smiled.

Chuck grinned. “That it does, Doc. That it does.”

When they finished their meal, Cawley escorted them back to their room. “Breakfast is at 7:00 in the cafeteria downstairs, gentlemen.” The lights flickered. “Let’s hope the electricity holds out.”

“I suppose you have a back-up generator?” Teddy asked.

“We do. We can’t afford not to with the lockdown status we must maintain. Well, good evening, gentlemen. See you in the morning.”

Teddy and Chuck got ready for bed, both men extremely tired. They kept on their undershirts and pulled on pajama bottoms, because despite the radiator, it was faintly chilly.

“Ahh,” said Teddy as he settled into bed. “Nice and comfy.”

“I agree. Dr. Sheehan got himself a nice mattress.” Chuck stretched out beside his partner.

Teddy drew up the sheet and blankets. “Let’s get some shut-eye, kid. I think we’re gonna be on pins-and-needles for awhile.”

Chuck agreed. He flinched as lightning flashed and threw the blanket over his head, Teddy laughing.

& & & & & &

Chuck slowly came awake. He became aware of the warmth from Teddy’s body. It was nice to wake up beside someone, as platonic as it was.

He’d slept more soundly than he thought he would have with the storm raging outside, rain lashing up against the windows.

“Mmph. ‘Mornin’,” mumbled Teddy.

“’Mornin’.” Chuck rubbed his stubbled face. “I guess we’d better get shaved and dressed. It’s 6:30.”

His companion yawned. “Guess so.”

They showered, shaved, and dressed, finding the cafeteria down on the ground floor. It was a modern design, all chrome and linoleum and without charm or style, but the food was good.

“Hey, Marshals. Have a good night?”

“It was restful, thanks, Trey,” Chuck smiled.

When he and Teddy came back out with trays, the tables were nearly filled. Chuck stopped by Trey’s table. “Mind if Teddy and I join you?”

Trey looked at his fellow orderlies. All but one were black. “No, sir.”

The Marshals sat down, and soon there was laughter going around the table. Chuck smiled. He knew that Teddy would win them over. His tough-guy partner could be charming when he wanted.

As he ate his eggs, he noticed Mel Parker at a corner table. The light over the table was burned out, the darkness from the storm creating a shadowed area. Mostly he could see those big haunted eyes looking out from the gloom.

After breakfast he and Teddy stopped by their room to pick up their hats and coats. Chuck picked out a book from the bookcase and slipped it into a plastic bag. The bookcase was crammed with medical books but also books on history, biography, and even mysteries and popular novels.

“Let’s go,” Teddy said.

& & & & & &

Chuck sighed. Poor Rachel was too confused and in pain to make much sense this morning. He and Nurse Marino tried to calm her down, Teddy staying back. Finally, Ellie gave her a mild sedative.

“We can try again later,” she said. She smiled at Chuck.

“Thank you.”

The nurse left, Teddy smirking as he leaned against the wall with crossed arms. “Looks like Nurse Marino has a liking for dark-eyed Marshals.”

Chuck laughed. “She has good taste.” He rubbed his chin. “I saw Mel Parker this morning at breakfast. He’s…”

“…haunting?” Teddy looked down at the floor. “The poor souls in this place are so tortured they don’t even know which end is up. I know they did terrible things, and I feel sorrier for their victims, but insanity destroys everyone. We’re all damaged to some extent.”

“Yeah.” Chuck thought of the wars they had both fought in, and read the frontispiece of the book. “I just hope we can get out of here with something useful.”


The sound of the wind howling around the corners of the building made Chuck shiver. Would it set everyone else off? Rachel was extremely restless, even under sedation.

Teddy was restless, too. He liked to keep busy.

It probably helps him not to dwell on memories of his wife…or other things.

“The book good?”

“It’s not bad. A good murder mystery.” Chuck glanced at Rachel. “Look, why don’t you go see McKinney? We don’t both need to be here.”

“Oh, sure. You want me to get soaked.” Teddy smiled.

Chuck laughed. “You’re a suspicious man, Teddy Daniels.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.” Teddy picked up his coat and hat. “I’ll see you at lunch.”

& & & & & &

Teddy kept his hat firmly on his head as the winds nearly tore it away. He ran across the quadrangle, relieved once he shut the door of Ward A’s building behind him. Dripping-wet, he checked in with Security.

“McKinney’s at group therapy right now, Marshal,” said the middle-aged cop at the checkpoint.

“’S’okay, I’ll wait.”

Teddy went upstairs to the second floor. His wet shoes squished as he walked. When he reached McKinney’s room, he started fishing around for a cigarette in his coat pockets.


The voice was soft, the Southern accent soothing. Teddy whirled.

“Mr. Parker?”

“Mel Purvis.”

“Umm, yeah.” He could barely see the man in the shadows. Why was he alone?

“I don’t have much time. My guard will be looking for me.” Mel grasped Teddy’s arm. “Please help us!”


“Yes. Johnny and I need you to believe us.”

“Mr. Parker…”

“Agent Purvis.”

“Agent Purvis.”

“We’re being held her against our will! We’re not murderers! Please, Marshal, I beg of you! Don’t let Jayee win!”

Footsteps sounded down the hall. “Hey, Mel.” The young policeman looked distressed. “You can’t run off like that. McPherson will have my hide!”

“I’m sorry.”

Teddy smiled at the sandy-haired officer. He looked very young. “It’s all right, Officer…”

“Kelloway. You can call me Kel, Marshal.”

“Hello, Kel.” Teddy shook hands with the policeman. “Mr. Parker has been no trouble.”

Relieved, Kel unlocked Mel’s room. Mel kept a pleading expression on Teddy, who felt uncomfortable. Despite himself, he found himself wishing that he could help the man.

Even after the door closed, Teddy could still see the haunted eyes.

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