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"Hostage" (Smallville 9.21) (May 7, 2010)

"Hostage" (Season 9) (Episode 21) (May 7, 2010)

And you thought that Amanda Waller was kick-ass! Enter the Red Queen!

First, great to see Martha again, but Martha and Perry? Great Caesar’s Ghost! :)

Aww, a tad sexist but kinda cute with Perry asking for Clark’s blessing on his proposal to Martha. Clark had it right when he knew that Martha wasn’t ready. That scene in the barn had me teary-eyed, I’ll admit.

Tess’ tear as the Red Queen tells her that she’ll never know what it means to protect someone you love was pretty darned good acting on Cassidy Freeman’s part.

Lois and Perry working on a story together was awesome! Lois is a hero. She just needs to believe in herself.

Argh!!! Chloe tried to get out, but Clark sucked her back in! I wonder if the two of them will regret this.

Omigoddess, THE RED QUEEN!!! Martha rocks! :)

Of course Clark would guess it was her. A son knows his mother. ;)

Pretty cool outfit the Queen’s got going there. Red is such a kick-ass color, just like Martha! :)

Well, I’m primed for next week and the season finale!

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