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"Sacrifice" (Smallville 9.20) (April 30, 2010)

"Sacrifice" (Season 9) (Episode 20) (April 30, 2010)

Some good scenes in this one! I’m a sucker for enemies banding together for a common goal, so I enjoyed Chloe and Tess working together. I also loved Ollie reminding Clark about his human family, and the looks that passed between the boys, just as Clark said, “Noo!!!” in such a nice, agonized way when he discovered Ollie had been horribly burned by Zod.

Ollie really bought into what Clark was selling, not killing Zod and urging Clark to save the Kandorians.

Zod is like all egomaniacs: he can’t admit that he’s at fault, so he blames the humans for Faora’s murder, when of course he is the murderer of her and his unborn child. He has shown his true colors, destroyer of Krypton and tyrant-to-be of Earth.

I do love that catchphrase, “Kneel before Zod!” ;)

Waller and Checkmate were ham-handed in this one, but I can see why she would try and destroy the Kandorians. The kind of power they could wield is corrupting, and led by Zod? Disaster!

Clark is so special because he doesn’t have a tyrannical bone in his body. Only when mind-controlled or affected by magic or Red K does he become a dictator. Otherwise he is the perfect person to hold the powers of a god.

Spoilers for next week:

I am thrilled to see Martha back next week. Hopefully it will be for more than five minutes. I like that her presence will remind Clark that he has a human family. He is biologically Kryptonian but emotionally human. He’ll never be completely trusted by either side because of that (though there are some individuals who do trust him), but he is the perfect mediator between both cultures.

Clark will eventually learn about his Kryptonian heritage, but it’ll always be somewhat abstract. His emotional connections are here on Earth. It’s why he’ll be Earth’s Greatest Hero, and not New Krypton’s.

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