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Crazy Bizzy!

Well, it's been crazy around here lately! A backlog of stories have started piling up in my notebook again, and I'm behind on reading other people's fics, and I FINALLY started the Arthurian S/B story I owe, and lgbt_fest stories have begun posting and I haven't started writing mine and thank the Goddess I chose a June date! Whew! :)

The slavefics I owe are in various stages, with two written but needing a LOT of revision and the other four with glimmerings of plots, and darn sv_gurl and her Clark/Ollie fics, because I might FINALLY write SV Clark/Ollie if I can untangle my jumbled thoughts about a plot bunny, and I've been goofing off all night reading instead of writing. ;)

I still need to upload a bunch of new icons and go on the hunt for others, and got some marvelous recs! Oh, yeah, and my Fedora Fandoms are being pesky again! ;)

I owe a bazillion e-mails!

*needs sleep*

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Tags: crazy bizzy!, fanfic, i'm all a'tizzy!, icons, writing
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