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Series Notes For Crystal Rain Book I (Public Enemies/Shutter Island)

Since these notes turned out to be too voluminous for the header on this story, I decided to make a separate entry and link from the header. First chapter up soon!

This story is a crossover between my Fedora Fandoms, Public Enemies and Shutter Island. ;) I got the idea for it as soon as I left the theater after viewing Shutter Island for the first time.

NOTE: Nothing about the major plot twist in Shutter Island will be referenced in this story. Those who have seen the movie will understand what I mean, and for those who haven’t, it won’t matter.

On to the notes!

The story is in a dark place, but there are threads of light running through it. And I’ve been pondering all sorts of writing choices: crossovers can be tricky to pull off, but I think I’m going to make it.

Each story arc will be labelled a book. Three are planned right now.

In Book I, the POVs are from Teddy and Chuck (SI), as the mystery works better that way. The story told to them, on the face of it, is one that will keep the marshals (and perhaps the readers) wondering if it’s truth or fantasy.

Mel and Johnny’s (PE) POVs will be in Book II, but they play a very important part in Book I and do appear extensively.

Teddy and Chuck are not lovers at the beginning of Book I, but will gradually get there! :) I used Teddy’s background from the movie, and filled in missing spaces for Chuck’s background. I haven’t read the book so everything I’ve gleaned is from the film.

I know Mel and Johnny from Public Enemies far better than I do Teddy and Chuck from Shutter Island. There’s much more history for Mel and Johnny, especially since they have RL histories, and I’ve been writing them in all kinds of situations since July of 2009, so I know them pretty well by now.

The story is one of heartbreak and despair, endurance and love. I might as well throw in that it’s about tragedy and triumph, too. :) So you will find suffering but also triumph in this tale.

If you’re not familiar with one or both fandoms, consider this sort-of original fiction, since you’ll be coming to it through my eyes. :)

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