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"Upgrade" (Smallville 9.18) (April 16, 2010)

"Upgrade" (Season 9) (Episode 18) (April 16, 2010)

I did like seeing Clark using his powers in this episode, even making it snow over Seattle! He needs to do silly stuff like that once in awhile. He’s too darned serious in this ‘verse, the weight of the world crushing him.

I am still ticked off at Chloe and Ollie for lying to him yet again (this time about the Green K stashes) but understood why they did it. They really do need some failsafe in case Clark goes rogue (as we saw with the Red K) or is mind-controlled, or goes insane. Remember, in comicsverse, he recognizes that fact and gives Bruce the Kryptonite Ring in case he needs to be taken down, and in a recent Superman/Batman arc, Green K was rounded up and destroyed, but Bruce still has quite a bit up his Bat-sleeve!

In this ‘verse, he’d probably be backstabbed by Bruce and Diana, too, but in comicsverse (and ‘toonverse), his two closest friends are also the two people most capable of doing what needs to be done to take him down: Bruce was given the Ring because Clark knew he would do what was necessary, and Diana would do so, as proved by her killing Maxwell Lord when he said under the influence of the Lasso of Truth that the only way to free Clark from his mind control was to kill him. She is a Warrior, and understands what must be done.

I can accept Clark’s apology to Chloe since he realizes that there has to be a way to stop him. He’s seen the future and knows what super-powered Kryptonians can do. It’s just that I can also understand why people are tired of seeing him apologize to Chloe.

Chloe did apologize in a way, but she’s still irritating. Ollie at least has shown some discomfort with keeping the stashes secret, but she is 100% certain she’s right, and that’s all, folks. She’s a long way from the perky, wise-cracking girl in Smallville. If she and Ollie hadn’t already backstabbed Clark so many times, I’d be a lot more comfortable with this necessary secret.

John Corben is a great character. Unlike comics-and-toonverse Metallo, consumed by hate and rage for Superman, this man understands he’s always going to be used by someone else, and is trying to live a normal life. Lois going out on a limb for him was a good facet of her character. And her line about Clark being squeaky and so there’s nothing behind the curtain was fun, as were the lines about Ollie being in the closet (does Tess know how he lusts/yearns after Clark, tee hee) and the Clark/Zod ‘bromance’. Oh, and the mention of Lex as Clark's special friend (opposites attract, heh heh) without ever mentioning his name.

So, Clark, not much family left? So Martha and Kara are chopped liver? That line irritated me, but I understand his need to connect with fellow Kryptonians. It’s just that Zod is the wrong choice. He has already backstabbed you more than once. He didn’t tell you that he had powers. And he’s a tyrant, Clark! This clone has all of Zod’s bad traits, you know! He’s not going to just smile and be your buddy! Clark’s streak of naivete is usually his strength, but it’s his weakness, too.

Chloe chloroforming Lois (try saying that ten times fast!) was uncomfortable. It just shows how ruthless Chloe’s become.

I did like seeing Chloe and Tess working together. I’m always a sucker for enemies setting aside differences and working for a common goal. The scenes further illustrate how cold Chloe’s become, sending John to the Fortress with no guarantee he wouldn’t somehow get killed by Clark and Zod. He was simply a tool for her to use, just like Tess had used him.

Did Zod’s brain get pickled while in limbo? Tess shows him a photo and he immediately accepts that there’s plotting afoot? Zod, Tess can’t be trusted! She’s a secret agent who can’t even recognize the truth anymore! And she’s probably still working for Checkmate.

One of the best things about this episode was the way Tom Welling played Red K-infected Kal. His eyes and lips just told the story, folks! ;)

The big showdown with the Kryptonians will probably be as lame as the Doomsday showdown last year, but as much as this show drives me crazy, I’ll still be watching. I’m a bitter-ender, and I have to see this through to the bitter end! ;)

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