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Fic: The Cape Makes The Man (2/3)

Title: The Cape Makes The Man (2/3)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, Dick
Categories: Romance, Humor
Rating: (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Bruce develops an obsession for a certain Kryptonian cape.
Date Of Completion: June 9, 2007
Date Of Posting: June 10, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1056
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
All chapters can be found here.
Author’s Note: This three-part tale is a birthday gift to starsandsea   . Since you are so wonderfully inspired by my Fic Prompts and Challenges, I wrote my response to one of my Fic Prompts with you in mind. Please enjoy! 





Clark’s smile was getting positively evil.  He moved slowly toward the bed, then said, “You really do have a thing for my clothes, don’t you?”


Bruce chuckled as he rested his head back against the pillow, body wrapped in shimmering scarlet.  His hands held the ends of the cape across his chest, the rest splayed out under him to contrast sharply with the black sheets, his legs tantalizingly arranged as one thigh was partially obscured, draped with silk.


As Clark reached for him, Bruce kicked at the end of the bed. “Take that.” Clark looked down at the foot of the bed. “Is this…?”


“…mine.” His midnight-blue eyes glittered. “I detached the cowl.”


Clark picked up the Bat-cape, the silkiness as dark as night.  His hands slid over the dark material, his tactile senses absorbing the sensations freely.  Never had Bruce known a more sensual creature, though he supposed that was a byproduct of his lover’s heightened senses.


Which, of course, benefited Bruce greatly.  He watched as Clark lost himself in the touch of the silken garment, strong fingers caressing and kneading, and Bruce finally said, “How about using that technique on me?”


Clark laughed. “Where’s the renowned Bat-patience?”


Bruce sniffed. “A myth.”


“More likely just not in Bruce Wayne’s bag of tricks.”


Bruce stuck his tongue out and Clark laughed again.  He took pity on his impatient Human and slid onto the bed, casually shaking out the black cape to cover his groin and legs.


“Wow, black can so be your color,” Bruce said, the tanned skin looking good indeed against ebony.


“Red seems to suit you,” Clark observed, his eyes showing his appreciation of the bright ruby against pale skin. 


“Ha ha,” Bruce said, his hand reaching out and resting his hand on Clark’s silk-covered lap.  He smirked at Clark’s shifting of legs, but the Kryptonian seemed able to handle his lover’s hand in his groin quite well.


For the moment.


Clark’s hand rested on Bruce’s thigh, then slipped up underneath the cape to stroke warm skin.  Bruce’s breathing became shorter as Clark’s hand came tantalizingly close to his groin.  When strong fingers touched him, he jerked slightly, then closed his eyes as he spread his legs and let the cape slide off his chest and shoulders to fan out underneath him.


& & & & & &


Clark was feasting his eyes on the sight of Bruce, splayed and open, all for him, the bright red surrounding him like some wild nimbus.  He stroked and kneaded the cock in his hand, gentle and then more demanding, Bruce’s little moans pleasing him.  His own cock twitched under the black cape but he concentrated on Bruce’s reactions.  Yes, so strong and hard and hot…he began stroking Bruce’s chest with his other hand, brushing across his shoulders and touching the cape underneath them.  He slid his hand lightly across both nipples, smiling at Bruce’s groan, and then petted his lover’s flat stomach as he continued playing with Bruce’s cock. 


It was so easy, really, to get Bruce to writhe and pant and whisper little sweet nothings and curses.  He slid the finger of his right hand into Bruce while still stroking the cock in his left.  Bruce bucked, the black cape sliding off Clark’s lap and onto Bruce’s thigh. 


“Come for me, love,” Clark whispered, crooning as he inserted a second finger, rubbing and teasing as he squeezed his lover’s cock gently.  Sobs rewarded him, and he quickly withdrew his fingers, grabbing the jar of cream on the nightstand, then replaced coated fingers as he prepared his lover.




“Mmm, soon, my love, soon.” Clark blew over Bruce’s manhood, feather-light and cool as Bruce’s skin heated more.


Then he made a series of quick moves: he removed his fingers from cock and anus and scooted Bruce up the bed, his lover’s body throbbing, and slipped the cape’s folds around Bruce’s wrists, tying him to the headboard.  He used the black cape to gently tease Bruce’s inner thighs, then let the cape slide as he bent Bruce’s legs back, exposing him with salacious glee.  Bruce’s hands clenched and unclenched and Clark picked up the black cape, draping it over the headboard and within reach of Bruce’s hands.  Bruce grasped it like a drowning man, fingers curling around the silk as Clark began to slowly ease inside him.


Slow, in, out, friction growing, Bruce groaning, red-and-black shimmering, Bruce screaming as his prostate was touched, again and again, Clark’s energy building as played with Bruce’s cock, then thrust in with as much strength as he dared, his own orgasm bright and shining as Bruce keened, head back, sweat sheening his body as he spurted all over Clark’s hand and seconds later, Clark came deep inside him.


& & & & & &


Panting, Bruce let the pinwheels behind his eyes slowly disappear, then he opened his eyes to see a smug and smiling Superman gently ease out of him, kneeling in all his naked glory, chest and belly sprayed with cum as he eased Bruce’s legs down.


“Fuck,” Bruce rasped.


“Yes, that was the plan.”


Bruce cursed at Clark’s chuckle, tugging on the bonds that kept him helpless.  He watched as Clark leaned over, then felt his cape being yanked out of his hands.


“No, wait, don’t clean yourself up with my…!”


“Why not?” Clark asked, blue eyes mischievous as he held the cape.


“Because how I am going to explain to Alfred…?”


“Your cape is black.  He won’t see anything.  Besides, I’m sure his hearing is excellent and unless you’ve soundproofed your bedroom, he knows what you’re doing.  Not to mention Dick next door.”  


Bruce struggled to get out of his bonds, but the Kryptonian material was as strong as its owner.  He gasped and pouted and raged, all the while with Clark laughing.  Clark looked down at the cape and made a show of considering for a moment, then spared it and went into the bathroom instead, cleaning them both with a washcloth.


“Untie me, Clark!”


“Why?” Clark’s head tilted to one side.


Bruce’s expression became predatory. “More cape porn to come.”


Clark laughed, leaning over and kissing his lover. “Unless these capes are made of magical material, like Zatanna’s scarves, you can’t hold me.”


“I’ve got other ideas.”


Intrigued, Clark untied Bruce’s wrists.    







Tags: birthday fic, clark kent/bruce wayne, dick grayson, robin, superman/batman, the cape makes the man
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