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Various & Sundry

Thanks to ranger_girl0301 for my cute puppy! *snuggles* :)

I'm glad LJ is finally up and running again! Sheesh! Talk about poky all day! Anyway, with the slow response time earlier in the day, I visited other sites and did some typing of my story backlog. I'm finally making some headway from stories that have been sitting around and waiting for revision and typing since last fall! :)

The weather has gone from 90 degrees on Wednesday to 50 degrees today. Never a dull moment! :)

Wow! I might just have a story to enter into the Wee!Dick Challenge. I have a glimmering of something good. :)

Entering the homestretch for Arc 6 of Rainbow's Freedom! :)

Now what? Oh, yes, finish some reading and then log off. Ta-ta, luvs! :)
Tags: fanfic, lj, thank you, writing
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