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Holmesian Goodness!

Soon I'll be out the door and joining friends to watch Sherlock Holmes! *squees* It's my second viewing so I'm sure I'll pick up a lot I missed the first time around. I might actually write a review this time, LOL!

Anyway, I find the fandom lively and fun and there's lots of new stuff to read and view! I wrote a short piece but haven't been satisfied with it. Oh, well. We'll see how that goes. :)

*sighs* LJ is so quiet! I've either lost readers or people haven't had time to comment! Anyway, you'll still be inflicted with my weirdness as I'm making progress on the Public Enemies/Shutter Island crossover, and there's quite a few bunnies hopping around post-Easter! ;)

Ta-ta, luvs!
Tags: fanfic, lj, movies, public enemies, sherlock holmes, shutter island, writing
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