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Fic: The Cape Makes The Man (1/3)

Title: The Cape Makes The Man (1/3)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, Dick
Categories: Romance, Humor
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Bruce develops an obsession for a certain Kryptonian cape.
Date Of Completion: June 8, 2007
Date Of Posting: June 10, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 781
Feedback welcome and appreciated. 
All chapters can be found here.
Author’s Note: This three-part tale is a birthday gift to starsandsea  . Since you are so wonderfully inspired by my Fic Prompts and Challenges, I wrote my response to one of my Fic Prompts with you in mind. Please enjoy! 





“You know what they say…the cape makes the man.”


Clark looked over his shoulder as he fastened his cape in front of the full-length mirror in Bruce’s bedroom in the Manor. “Oh, really?”


“Yes.” Bruce smirked.  He kept up the snarkiness to cover his fascination with the shimmering cape.  It cascaded down Clark’s back like some scarlet waterfall.  His hands itched to bury themselves in the material.


Clark finished the fastening and turned, smiling as he looked at Bruce. “You have a thing for my clothes.”


“I do.” Bruce swept a hand through his hair as he adjusted his own cape. “I have to keep an eye on you.  You’d go around in red flannel and jeans all the time if I let you.”


“Oh, you let me?”  Clark’s tone was amused, not annoyed.  That encouraged Bruce to go further.


“Yes.  After all, you dress in bright primary colors even in your ‘work’ suit.  You need a little more balance.”


“As I recall, your cape was blue for awhile, not black.”


“True.” Bruce grabbed the edge of his long cape and swirled it forward. “But that was just a phase.”


“Hmm, and do you criticize Dick as well?  If you want to talk about bright primary colors, what the heck is he wearing?  His cape is bright yellow, for goodness sake!”


Bruce knew he was caught. “Okay, he has your fashion sense.  What can I say?  He grew up in a circus.  Bright is the norm there.”


“Unlike the understated Old Money Waynes, eh?”


Bruce sniffed. “Just because I come from taste…”


“Oh, so my family has no taste?”


“I didn’t say that!”


Clark hid his smile. “You implied it!”


Bruce huffed, “I did not!” His guilty flush belied his words. “Okay, I apologize!  Your family has good taste, but you don’t!”


Clark laughed.  He crossed the room and hugged Bruce. “As long as I can taste you, I’m happy,” he whispered into his lover’s ear.


Bruce smirked happily and hugged back.


As they parted, Clark said, “See you tonight?”




Clark flew out the window and Bruce headed down to the Batcave.  Dick was already there in full Robin regalia.


“What’s so amusing?” asked Dick as he shut down the computer.


“Clark was being a wise-ass.”


“Ah.” Dick’s mouth curved into a smile and Bruce was sure that the lenses hid sparkling eyes. “Will he be spending the night?”


“He hopes to.”


They both slipped into the Batmobile and the car roared off, ready to bring them to Gotham for another night of patrol.


& & & & & &


Patrol was quiet.  Bruce was glad, as he was obsessing over the cape.


Yes, Superman’s cape.  The cape that was beautiful to the touch and streamed out behind his lover like a setting sun. 


Dick’s bright cape fluttered in the breeze.  Clark was right about that.  It seemed the two of the most important people in his life had a thing for bright colors.


Where the hell do I fit in?


If he was lucky, he’d fit in very nicely tonight.


His mind came up with several scenarios as he and Dick flew over Gotham.


& & & & & &


The quiet patrol meant cutting it short to get back to the Manor.  Dick said goodnight with a wink and a smile and Bruce huffed as he went to his bedroom.  He was in robe and slippers but had carried his cape with him.  He slipped into his bedroom, glad to see that it was empty.


He unlocked the windows and kept the drapes pulled back.  He pulled down the black silk sheets and divested himself of robe and slippers and got into bed, hiding the cape under the sheets.


It wasn’t long before the familiar whoosh! of Kryptonian Airlines landed.  A faint whiff of smoke drifted in through the open window as Superman flew inside.


“A fire?” Bruce asked from the darkness.


He could see Clark nod, limned in moonlight. “I’ve got soot on my skin and in my hair.” His costume would have repelled most of the cinders. 


Like Teflon, Bruce thought with amusement.


“Go take a shower.”




Clark undressed and draped his costume over the back of a chair.  He went into the bathroom and started the shower.


Bruce climbed out of bed.  This was going perfectly.  He grabbed the red cape from the chair and went back to bed.  He settled into bed and waited.


& & & & & &


When Clark emerged from the bathroom, glistening and clean as he toweled himself off, he stopped in his tracks.


Eyes widened.


Then he smiled, a salacious glint in blue eyes.       




Tags: birthday fic, clark kent/bruce wayne, dick grayson, robin, superman/batman, the cape makes the man
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