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"Escape" (Smallville 9.16) (April 2, 2010)

"Escape" (Season 9) (Episode 16) (April 2, 2010)

Romantic farce mixed with Smallville weirdness?

Only Clark, Lois, Chloe, and Ollie could end up in a B-&-B like this!

Okay, so we had a nice little getaway for Clark and Lois, an idea I like, even with the leaky room in the beginning (Gotta say, if I ever call a plumber, I hope I get Clark Kent! ;) ). I also like the quaint little inn thing. But possession by an evil spirit? The only interesting thing about it was Silver Banshee. Otherwise I felt as if this premise could have been done far better in a talented fanfic writer’s hands, even minus the Banshee.

Still, we did get the bonus of seeing a wet, near-naked Clark, now didn’t we? ;)

Aww, and he sings in the shower! ;)

I always liked Lois and Ollie as a couple, and I like him paired with Chloe, too. It makes sense, considering their work. Though the slasher in me thinks Ollie and Clark sitting at that breakfast table side-by-side was pretty scrumptious, too. ;)

Could Chloe get hurt in this relationship? Sure, but so could Ollie. Both Lois and Clark came across as nosy parkers in this story.

The whole thing was like one of those bedroom farces from the '50s and '60s with the Smallville twist of demonic possession!

And the Zod and Tess dance was kind of meh, simply because Tess’ scenes sizzle with her female co-stars, not the males. She has a certain chemistry with Zod, but it’s a dance that I don’t find particularly interesting.

Nice set-up but the episode itself wasn’t all that memorable except for the tidbits mentioned.

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