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Fic: Tears Of The Saints I: A Jewel Of Great Price (14/14)

Title: Tears Of The Saints I: A Jewel Of Great Price (14/14)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Mel/Johnny, The Dillinger Gang
Series Notes: Tears Of The Saints will deal with the Outfit/Syndicate (aka the Mob) and how they cross paths with the Dillinger Gang and the Bureau of Investigation. It helps to have first-hand knowledge of Italian culture and Catholicism. ;)
Fandom: Public Enemies
Genres: AU, Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: When the Syndicate needs the special talents of John Dillinger, they take out insurance that he will do the job they want by kidnapping someone near and dear to his heart: Melvin Purvis.
Chapter Summary: Johnny takes care of his Mel.
Date Of Completion: February 7, 2010
Date Of Posting: March 31, 2010
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Universal does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 747
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
The entire series can be found here.



When a jewel
Of great price
Is found,
Hold on
To its
All the days
Of your life.

Sarah Jean Selkirk
"A Jewel Of Great Price"
1906 C.E.

Johnny helped Mel get out of his wet clothes, gasping as he saw the raw skin of his left ankle.

“Sweetheart, what’s that?”

“Oh, the leg iron rubbed it.”

“Damn.” Johnny’s eyes were stormy.

He helped Mel into the shower, getting him cleaned and warmed up, promising a nice, hot bath after supper, because he suspected that Mel would be sleepy afterwards. Once out of the shower, he helped his lover dress in fresh underwear, borrowed from him, and a nice, soft, fluffy robe after cleaning and binding his wounds, taking great care with the much-abused ankle.

“C’mon, let’s get some hot food in you.” He gently kissed Mel on the temple, his lover sighing softly.

& & & & & &

Supper was a jovial affair, Johnny’s gang energized by their leader staring down Frank Nitti. Johnny might be a little odd with his sexual tastes (and some of the gang was completely unfazed), but he was still all man.

And Mel had gained respect, too. Anyone who could survive kidnapping by the cutthroat Sicilians had to have some moxie.

The meal was simple but filling: steak, baked potato with sour cream, and peas and carrots. Mel appreciated every bite and the apple cider, too.

When they were finished, the gang cleaned up while Johnny drew a bath, then helped Mel into the claw-foot tub.

“Bubble bath?” Mel chuckled, closing his eyes as he rested his head on the edge of the tub.

“Nothing but the best for my honey.”

After a good soak, Mel climbed out of the tub with Johnny’s help.

As Johnny dried off his legs, Mel looked down at his lover’s bent head and swallowed, gently combing his fingers through soft, silky hair.

Johnny looked up, love shining in his amber eyes.

Mel’s hand shook. He’d nearly lost all this. They probably would never have found his body.

“Into bed you go, Sunshine.”

Mel gratefully sank down onto clean sheets. He watched as Johnny re-bandaged his arm and ankle.

“I feel a little guilty about not calling the Bureau.”

“You’ll call ‘em, but tonight, you’re mine.”

Mel smiled. It had a nice ring to it.

“What story am I going to give? I can’t very well say that the Syndicate took me hostage to force you to rob a bank for them. The inevitable question would be: why me?”

Johnny kissed his temple. “You worry too much, sugar. I’ll come up with somethin’. Let me sleep on it.”

Mel smiled. “All right, darlin’.”

Johnny touched Mel’s shoulder. “You weren’t hurt anywhere else?”

Mel shook his head.

“I’m so glad, Mel. Nitti pulled a double-cross on me. After I delivered the St. Theresa statue, he directed me to a house where you were supposed to be, but the house was empty, so I called him back.”

“You had the Sapphire.”

Johnny nodded as he sat on the edge of the bed. “He wasn’t very happy,” he smirked. “I found it by accident. Homer knocked the statue over and the jewel dropped out.”

“So that’s why Ricotti called off Maglioli.”

“Called him off?”

Mel nodded, looking down at his hands in his lap. “That thug’s specialty is carving people up with his stiletto.” He looked up with a wan smile. “I was afraid my body would never be found.”

Johnny went white. He reached with shaking fingers to touch the bandage on Mel’s arm.

“He started carving you up.”

Mel nodded, feeling guilty. It was foolish, of course, but for some reason he felt like he was in the wrong.

Johnny suddenly drew him into a fierce hug, rubbing his back.

“You’re under my protection, love. I won’t let them hurt you ever again.”

Mel hugged back. “I know,” he whispered. His hand brushed against Johnny’s hand. “My ring!”

Johnny smiled. “That’s right, Sunshine, I kept it on my finger while you were gone.” He looked a little shy. “I felt close to you while wearing it.” He took the ring off and put it on Mel’s finger. “Welcome home, Mel.”

Mel blinked rapidly and pulled Johnny close.

& & & & & &

When Red checked on them later, they were curled up around each other, sound asleep.

Johnny had his jewel of great price back.

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