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"Blood! Your Precious Blood!"

So last weekend I finally got the chance to see the 1922 silent film classic, Nosferatu. Thoughts when I first saw it was playing? That the Batman Elseworlds was based on this, a companion to Wonder Woman's Blue Angel and Superman's Metropolis. So I automatically think fannish connections? Wait, it gets better! :)

That was my second thought. My first thought was of siriusfanatic's Public Enemies Halloween story (written for my 2009 Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Fic/Art Halloween Challenge), Silent Film, LOL! While I watched the film, I loved the thought of Mel and Johnny holding hands in the dark theater and making out! ;) When the dialogue she quoted came on-screen, I giggled! :) BTW, her story is awesome! :)

Pretty cool movie. When the film first came out in 1922, Bram Stoker's Dracula had been out for 25 years, a nice chunk of time, but by now it's 113 years! Whew! And silent films may stretch into the 1920s (some even into the early '30s), but they look so 19th century, don't they? The make-up is so theatrical, and the acting has to be broad without any dialogue. If we went back to view a 19th century play, we'd probably consider it ham acting, as the actors of the time had to project their voices and make grand gestures for theaters without microphones and other modern equipment. And the Victorians did love their melodrama. :)

And think of Nosferatu in 1922: pretty over-the-top to modern eyes, but back then, pretty scary, just like 1931's Frankenstein and Dracula were considered pretty horrific. Remember, people then didn't have slasher flicks (the bloody kind!) and weren't numbed by shocking scenes like modern audiences, so these horror flicks must have given them some chills.

Remember, everything comes back to fandom! ;)


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