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More Rainbow Superheroes! (Or: Slash Is My Canon!)

Here we have an expanded version of the night that Superman and Batman spent together! :) More meaningful gazes!

There’s a cool first panel from a previous issue here with Clark emoting over Bruce, and then the next issue. The first few pages are not scanned, but seems like most of the rest is. We get to see Bruce brooding in the Batcave and Clark showing up, just ‘knowing’ that Bruce needed him!

I love the panel that describes ‘naked feeling’! ;)

And we also get to see Clark going a little crazy after Bruce is hurt by one of the Fortress’ weapons.

Lots of priceless dialogue, including: “Thanks for talking some sense into me.” “It wasn’t hard, friend. After all, I knew you had a heart.” All this talk about ‘hard’ and ‘hearts’ just makes me grin all over! ;)

Any comic that has Bruce saying ‘And now to see where are hearts have led us’ is so kewl in my book! ;)

Sigh. The tears are so sweet. I also love them weeping and embracing! :)

And now, for entirely different stories but no less delicious:

Brokeback Titanic and Alone Time

The blogger Rachelle calls it ‘Brokeback Titanic’ and it sure looks like it! :) The bedroom scene is absolutely hilarious! Give it up, boys! You know you want to turn around and get it on! ;)

And the second story further down is from late ‘70s or early ‘80s, I’d guess. Some ‘alone time’ for the boys. As Rachelle says, they were totally going to kiss! :) And she’s right about best Bat-line evah: “What’s holding up our milks?”

The soulful gazing into each other’s eyes, the touching…sigh. :)

And for some reason, the final comments just tickled my funnybone about “Can’t either of them fry an egg? Superman wouldn’t even need a stove!”
Tags: clark kent/bruce wayne, superman/batman
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