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Fic: Tears Of The Saints I: A Jewel Of Great Price (10/14)

Title: Tears Of The Saints I: A Jewel Of Great Price (10/14)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Mel/Johnny (Mel does not appear in this chapter), Red/Homer
Series Notes: Tears Of The Saints will deal with the Outfit/Syndicate (aka the Mob) and how they cross paths with the Dillinger Gang and the Bureau of Investigation. It helps to have first-hand knowledge of Italian culture and Catholicism. ;)
Fandom: Public Enemies
Genres: AU, Drama
Rating (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: When the Syndicate needs the special talents of John Dillinger, they take out insurance that he will do the job they want by kidnapping someone near and dear to his heart: Melvin Purvis.
Chapter Summary: Johnny discovers what’s in the safe deposit box.
Date Of Completion: February 4, 2010
Date Of Posting: March 22, 2010
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, Universal does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 526
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
The entire series can be found here.



"The saints hold the key."

Sister Anthony Theresa
1867 C.E.

Johnny handed over the bag of cash to be divvied up, and Homer brought it to Eddie, who used the dining room table to spread it out. Charles and Pete took seats around the table to help.

Johnny was interested in the money for practical reasons, but the box he carried into the kitchen was his main concern.

Red cleared the table of the spread-out newspaper that had been left there, Johnny carefully putting the box on the table. Red switched the kitchen light on. It had started raining, and it was dark in late afternoon.

He opened it, and both men were surprised at what was nestled in tissue paper. Johnny lifted it out and set it on the table.

It was a statue. Saint Theresa smiled serenely, her nun’s habit painted in brown and cream tones, the pain chipping off. She held a small wooden cross with red roses entwined around it. A rosary hung from her belt.

“Never thought ol’ Frank would be so religious,” Johnny said. Rain patted on the roof as the storm increased.

“You know the Sicilians. Very religious when they aren’t cutting people’s throats.”

Johnny chuckled, running his finger over the statue. “This doesn’t look valuable. And Nitti ain’t the sentimental type.”

“Yeah, well, the important thing is to get this to Nitti, right, and who the hell cares what he does with it? We got our money and you’ll get your Mel.”

Johnny twisted Mel’s ring around on his finger. “Right.” He stared at the ring while the rain drummed on the roof. “I found out what a busone is.”


“Yeah.” Johnny took a deep breath. “It means a homosexual man who’s the passive recipient. In other words, he likes it up the…”

“I know what the other words are.”

Johnny’s voice was steady. Too steady. “Nitti probably thinks that Mel is the only one who likes it that way.”


“That would…he’d be even more contemptuous of Mel than me. He’d…”

“Hey, don’t borrow trouble, Johnny.” Red put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and squeezed. “Want some coffee?”

“Yeah.” Johnny took a deep breath. “Sounds good.” The wall phone rang. “I’ll get it. It’s probably Phil with instructions.”

Red busied himself with the coffeepot, Johnny talking to Phil.

Homer wandered in. “Great, coffee! We could use some out there. Hey, what’s this?” He picked up the statue.

Red and Johnny turned around simultaneously and said, “Be careful with that!”

Startled, Homer dropped the statue onto the table.

“Homer!” Red hurried over to the table while Johnny hung up the phone and gently picked up the statue.

“I’m sorry.” Homer looked guilty as Johnny frantically looked the statue over.

“Well, at least if it’s chipped, it won’t be noticeable,” Red said.

“Yeah, it looks all right…” Johnny grimaced as the bottom came off in his hands. "Damnit!”

In the next second something fell out of the statue and clattered to the table.

Three pairs of eyes widened.

A sapphire the size of a robin’s egg glittered in the light from the ceiling fixture.

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Tags: melvin purvis/johnny dillinger, public enemies, red hamilton/homer van meter, tears of the saints
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