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Notes On The Public Enemies/Shutter Island Crossover

Well, now that Arc 7 of Rainbow’s Freedom is close to being finished, I’ll be taking my usual hiatus from that ‘verse for awhile when it’s concluded, and I’ve decided to tackle the Public Enemies/Shutter Island story that has taken over my brain! :)

A few notes for your perusal:

NO spoilers for either movies or fic!

Any reader who comes to this story will not be spoiled for either movie, except for the fact of John Dillinger’s fate, which is historical fact, anyway. The characters of Public Enemies are living lives branched off into an AU after the movie that allows them to keep their core essence. While the film is background, it is rarely referenced in this story.

The same can be said for Shutter Island. The characters and setting are the same, but the story has no reference to events in the movie. The plot twist will not be hinted at nor revealed. So I suppose you could call this original fiction for any reader unfamiliar with the movies! :)

I plan to write a piece that could be called atmospheric, somewhat Gothic but grounded in 1950s psychiatric practice. I have to do some research for that! I did some years ago but darned if I remember everything! ;)

The story will be dark and heartbreaking and may bring you to tears. However, love is going to shine throughout this story, showing the characters with great strength and endurance and managing to snatch happiness in a world where it is rare indeed.

Hopefully I can drench this story in period details. Oh, and there will be a lot of rain. ;)

The following is a quote by the patients of Shutter Island (me, actually) that will give you an idea of the theme of the series:

Shutter Island can break your mind, but it can also break your heart.

Also, my tentative title is Crystal Rain, which may change as I’ve been going through a bunch of titles. This poem does help describe the mood of the series:

The mind
Creates fantasies,
Airy as
Spun sugar,
Delicate as
Blown glass,
Easily shattered,
Jagged shards
Raining down,
Tinged with blood
And ashes,
Cutting flesh,
As the screams
Off stone walls.

I know, it sounds dark, which it will be, but you know me. There’s always ribbons of light running through the darkness! ;)

So, if you’re intrigued, I hope you’ll stop by and give the series a try when it’s posted! It’ll be awhile because I haven’t even written the first draft yet, but I don’t intend to stretch it out as long as Rainbow’s Freedom, LOL! Once I go on hiatus, I plan to write quite a bit, if not all, of the first part of the series. I have three sections already planned out and there may be more in the future if my Muses remain enthusiastic. :)

This is a story that started running through my head as soon as I left the theater after watching Shutter Island. Like the patients on the island, I can't escape! ;)

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