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New Project

I've started uploading the banners I've accumulated over the last six months onto my Profile Page, and that will make things really crowded over there, so I've started a project I knew was coming someday! :) I'm going to place banners from previous years into separate entries and link to them from the PP. I'm uploading the 2007 and 2008 banners and will sweep them off the PP once I start on the 2009 banners. For now, I'm taking this project slow, as I have a lot of writing I'd like to get to once I get the energy back. Anyway, you'll see the various archives for my banners pop up on your flist once in awhile, hence this notice. :)

So, there won't be much change on the Profile Page except for the new additions, but they are nice pretties! :)
Tags: archive, banners, lj
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