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And The Oscar Goes To...!

It’s Oscar Night! Which superheroes get the nominations and bring home the Oscars? ;)

Feel free to comment, add your own nominations and categories! Also, award Oscars for my noms or yours! I couldn’t choose! ;)

(In a quick aside, I know that my gangster flick, Public Enemies, didn’t get rave reviews, but couldn’t they at least been nominated for Best Set Design and Best Costumes?)

Sure, all superheroes are actors, but some are better at it than others.

Best Set Design

The Kent Farm

Smallville (Talk about Americana!)

The Fortress of Solitude

Wayne Manor

The Batcave

Haly’s Circus

Paradise Island

The JLA Watchtower

Titans Tower

Best Costume Design

Superman—His costume is recognized the world over. It rarely changes, establishing solidity and historical resonance.

Batman—Creates a compelling, mysterious persona.

Robin/Nightwing—The Robin costume always showed off Dick’s best assets. ;) I also like the sleekness of his latest version of Nightwing.

Wonder Woman—The costume honors her adopted country, shows off her assets, and is great for freedom of movement, as befits a Warrior. The stars and eagle (pre-‘70s version) can also evoke some classical symbols.

Supergirl (original version)—The original Linda Danvers had a series of costumes before DC killed her off. She wore the skater’s skirt design in the beginning, and finally adopted a shorts design that she wore for most of the ‘70s. She wore a Kryptonian-style costume in the ‘80s, complete with headband.

Black Canary/Zatanna—The fishnets! ;) Also, the choker with the little canary is perfect for Dinah, and Zatanna’s traditional theatrical costume is much better, IMO, than the one she wore for a time in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Catwoman—She started out with a purple costume in the ‘40s, complete with cat mask, and dropped the literal mask and kept the purple. She returned to that costume in the ‘70s, and in between donned sleeker costumes in the ‘60s, until her black leather outfits now.

Captain America—Steve Rogers is the epitome of America in this star-spangled costume.

Iron Man—Tony Stark has developed several costumes over the years, and my favorite is the one he wore in the ‘70s: red-and-gold and sleek.

The Wasp—Janet Van Dyne is a designer in civilian life, and has come up with several dynamic costumes over the years.

Best Music

Soundtracks to:

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

Superman I

Superman II

Superman Returns

Smallville TV series (couldn’t resist slipping that in!)

Best Actor

Clark Kent—Clark uses body language, rumpled suits, and a pair of glasses to hide the World’s Greatest Superhero.

Bruce Wayne—Bruce creates the foppish playboy and the image of the Bat.

Dick Grayson—Showman extraordinaire whether as Wayne heir or heir to the Bat.

Best Actress

Barbara Gordon—For awhile, not even her father knew she was Batgirl (though I’m sure he figured it out fairly soon). She was almost the stereotypical librarian, wearing glasses and her hair in a bun, while Batgirl thrummed below her facade. Now as Oracle, she’s even more mysterious.

Linda Danvers (original version)—Rocketed to Earth from Argo City, she adapted to Earth life with her cousin’s help, and wore a brown wig to keep her identity secret, but that was it. Seems using minimal props is an El thing. ;)

Diana Prince—In pre-Crisis days, she used her military occupation and a pair of glasses to keep her identity secret. Seems DC is back to that after a period in which she had no secret identity.

Selina Kyle—She’s got a powerful sensual persona as Catwoman, easily holding her own with heroes and villains alike, and attracting Batman's interest (not to mention some of the ladies, too)! ;)

Best Performance (aka Best Dynamic Duo or Trinity!) (probably best in pairs or threesomes, heh heh)









Best Picture

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

Superman I

Superman II

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