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Making History (Meta)

So, since I've been discussing my Fedora Fandoms lately, it got me to thinking...what periods of history do you enjoy? Ancient/Classical, the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, Colonial (in America), Victorian, 20th century, etc.? Any decades within the 20th century that draw you in? And if you are historically-inclined, do you ever use that interest in your creative works of fiction, art, fanmixes, etc.?

I love Ancient times, especially Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and the Colonial/Revolutionary era in American history. I am very drawn to the Victorian era in both the U.S., England, and Canada, and the American Civil War is a specialty of mine (along with Lincoln scholarship).

The 20th century is a smorgasbord for me! :) Each decade has its own distinctions (and sometimes distinctions-within-distinctions within a decade!). I do find the turn-of-the-century and World War I fascinating, as the last vestiges of Victorian/Edwardian culture start falling away to make way for the 'modern era', and of course I love the 1930s! ;) I do find the '40s, '50s, and '60s of special interest, and the '70s get a bad rap (must be the clothes) but saw so many progressive movements strengthening during that decade (women's lib, gay lib, etc.).

I still love my Internet-available era I'm living in now, but find certain elements of the past to be interesting and sometime superior to the present, and of course find a lot to be improved on now as opposed to the past.

And there's always those sexy fedoras! ;)

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