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Ficcish Update

*shifty eyes*

What I'm up to:

DC Comics

Simmering on the stove:

Birthday fic for ladybugkay -- I’ve started getting ideas for this! *excited*

Workshop essay for superhero_muses: study of The End Of All Things --I finished it tonight! I’d been dithering for awhile, trying to pull it together, and it was smooth as silk! :)


Birthday fic for rocaw is coming along nicely! *needs cold shower* ;)


Steve/Diana story, "My Future Mother-In-Law Is Queen Of All The Amazons!!!". This one is being posted now (multiple chapters).

Bruce/Dick fic for the dark_fest Challenge. I can’t post it until April, but it’s done! Woot!

Public Enemies

Simmering on the stove:

Mel/Johnny fic for the dark_fest Challenge. Evil ideas abound! ;)

Cross-over with Shutter Island. Slash, baby! ;) Tentative title: Whatever Happened To Melvin Purvis?


Hurt/comfort Mel/Johnny fic (multi-chaptered)--I’ve definitely hit a snag with this one, but won’t give up! Hurt/comfort is just too wonderful a genre! ;)

Mel/Johnny slavefic set in the Rainbow Freedom’s ‘verse. Instead of the 23rd century as in the DC version, it’s the 1930s in the PE universe.


Hostage Mel/Johnny fic (multi-chaptered)--Tears Of The Saints I: A Jewel Of Great Price is being posted now.

Sherlock Holmes

Simmering On The Stove:

Fluffy little Holmes/Watson piece. ;)

Shutter Island

Simmering On The Stove:

I have a vague idea that I’m trying to let coalesce. Hopefully something will form! :)

Cross-over with Public Enemies. Slash, baby! ;) Tentative title: Whatever Happened To Melvin Purvis?

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