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Restless tonight. All kinds of story thoughts whirring around in my head. I'll need to meditate before I go to bed or won't get to sleep for a long time.

WHY do I always fall hard for the teeny-tiny fandoms? Shutter Island will be microscopic, I KNOW, and yet I've already written a long story in my head (crossing over with Public Enemies), another small fandom. *sighs*

Why can't I be part of a BIG fandom? Okay, my first fandom was TOS and my first slash fandom was K/S, but damnit, I keep falling for the ones in which I have to scour for fic. If I hadn't started guns_fedoras, I'd still be beating the bushes for PE fic!

WHY must I always fall for sexy men in fedoras? ;)
Tags: fandom, movies, public enemies, shutter island
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