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"Conspiracy" (Smallville 9.15) (February 26, 2010)

"Conspiracy" (Season 9) (Episode 15) (February 26, 2010)

Wow, if this episode didn’t have you considering slashing your wrists, I don’t know what will! Talk about dark!

Smallvile is such a dark Elseworlds!

Chloe was back to her paranoid self of this season, and Ollie doesn’t learn. DON’T keep the existence of these weapons from Clark! It’ll just bring you grief.

The villain of the piece, Dr. Chisholm, did have my sympathy. He was created by the Kandorians experimenting on him. Truly, a villain I could see who was created, not born.

He did terrible things, but he was driven to them in ways that were pretty clear.

Clark, hon, I know you’re big on saving people, but I would have let Zod slide. HE CAN’T BE TRUSTED!!! As we saw at the end.

Who couldn’t guess that Zod would get powers after Clark gave him his blood? *groans*

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