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BradyGirl's Fic/Art Challenge #2: Sons Of The Beach

Well, I came up with a story fragment that is slowly starting to coalesce into a longer tale (Sun, Sea And Sand), and then I thought, what if other people had some good beachy ideas? ;) So here is the Sons Of The Beach Challenge (can include Daughters Of The Beach, too ;) ) !

I've also added (as of June 26, 2007): if you'd like to tie it in to a Fourth of July or Canada Day fic, why not? :) And those are the North American holidays I'm familiar with, so anyone not American and Canadian and interested in sharing a holiday with this beach theme, I'd love to see it! :) Also, the beach theme doesn't have to be summer and holidays aren't absolutely necessary, but since summer fun is coming up, I thought I'd just post this as a suggestion. :)

Write a fic, draw an illo, create a manip/icon:

1) Any length (drabble, ficlet, short story, long story, etc.)

2) Any genre (romance, angst, drama, humor, PWP, AU, etc.)

3) Any rating (G through NC-17)

4) Any pairing (or threesome, or foursome ;) You know my favorites but as with the Beltane/Spring Challenge I don't want to stifle people's Muses. I'll probably do some prompts or challenges in the future with specific pairings but not this time! :)

5) Celebrate the beach! It can be any of the four seasons, too, though I’m sure summer will be the most popular one. :) Of course you might think bright and happy fic at first glance, but if you have any darker themes you might like to work with (including deathfic), go for it! :)

6) While this Challenge does not have a deadline, perhaps the beach season would be one in which you might wish to post. At any rate, both this and the Beltane/Spring Challenge can be worked on any time!

If you write something, please give a link in the comments so we can all enjoy it! And if it’s okay with you, please link back from your LJ to this entry. Thanks!

If you think your flist or LJ comm might be interested in this Sons Of The Beach Challenge, please feel free to call their attention to it. The more the merrier! :)
Tags: 2007 dcu fic/art sons of the beach chall, challenge, fanfic
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