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Fic: Rainbow’s Freedom (The Jewel In The Crown Arc) (13/31)

Title: Rainbow’s Freedom (The Jewel In The Crown Arc) (13/31)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Steve/Diana, Queen Hippolyta, Artemis, Hal/Steve, Mike Anderson, Joel Tanner, Medea, Sam Carson
Series Notes: In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. The House Of Wayne travels off-world to the planet of Jovara on an important mission, and lovers Clark and Bruce learn more about their Master/slave dynamic through the eyes of this exotic culture. Meanwhile, Hal and Steve attempt to aid Diana and the Amazons to finally break free of their centuries-long enslavement on Paradise Island. The entire series can be found here.
Genres: AU, Drama, Slavefic
Challenge Category: Section E (Slavefic)
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Amazons Attack!!!
Date Of Completion (First Draft): April 2, 2009
Date Of Posting: February 24, 2010
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 2052
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Entered into the 2010 DCU Fic/Art Bondage Challenge.

Strike your shackles
And take up your swords!
Never again
Shall the Amazons
Be enslaved!

The blades shine bright,
The clash of steel strong,
Amazons Attack!
It has been
Far too long!

Queen Hippolyta
Her Speech On
The Eve Of Rebellion
100 C.E.



Diana strapped on her armor.

It felt good after 400 years.

Her mother was resplendent in her golden armor, winged helmet tall and proud on her head. She hefted her shield and sword. Her eyes were clear for the first time in centuries.

Diana had marveled at all the clarity of her own senses.

She smiled. Truly she had chosen one as beautiful as the Gods themselves. Seeing Steve with clear eyes was a treat to her womanly soul.

“Our Warriors are rusty, but even with minimal training, we shall succeed,” Hippolyta said.

A band of Warriors entered the Throne Room.

“Victory!” said Artemis, raising her sword.

Hippolyta mirrored her.

“Be aware, my Sisters, that we shall set the conquerors adrift from our beloved Island when we have re-taken our home, but if necessary…”

Artemis smiled a wolfish smile. “So shall it be.”

Diana regretted the potential loss of life, but this was war.

Time to free themselves after a long nightmare.

& & & & & &

Steve gazed anxiously up at the hill where the city was located. It was quiet.

Hal laid a hand on his arm. “We have to get going.”

“I wish we could help.”

“We gave them the means. Now they have to carry it out.” Hal squeezed his arm. “I’d say they want it this way.”

Steve swallowed, knowing that Hal spoke the truth. He turned and said, “Let’s go.”

& & & & & &

There were two dozen soldiers stationed on Paradise Island. They were a security force, though if truth be told, it was more for protection of the Amazons when the cruise ships arrived with the rich and decadent. Otherwise the drug kept the Amazons extremely docile, and there were few instances of trouble from them.

Mike Anderson went outside the communications building to enjoy the beautiful night. The stars were numerous in the skies. He never tired of the sight.

This was a good assignment. Beautiful island, even more beautiful women, and a minimum of problems.

It was so peaceful, which was a good thing. He had seen his share of excitement in the Virillian War and the Kraylon Conflict, along with assorted skirmishes in the Outer Rim.

This was a plum assignment, one he was happy to have.

A slight rustling noise caught his attention. He began to turn, freezing as he felt the tip of something sharp poke his back.

“Do not move, American.”

Hippolyta came into view, the sword still in his back. So, more than one.

“I see you’re fully armored.”

She nodded. “And now we take back what is ours.” Moonlight glinted off her helmet. “You are a fair and honorable man, Major Anderson, so you will be spared. However, we will not tolerate resistance.”

Mike saw the steel in the Queen’s blue eyes, and she was every inch a Queen. Regal and imposing, she no doubt could lead her Warriors to overthrowing their oppressors.

Mike hadn’t survived this long in his chosen profession by being stupid.

“No resistance, Your Majesty.”

“Good.” She stepped her sword against her shield. “My Warriors are taking the outposts on the Island. Hopefully your men are as wise as you, Major. If they surrender, they will keep their lives.”

“Let’s hope so.”

Mike was under no illusions. These women had good reason to desire revenge, and some would take it. He just hoped that his men wouldn’t give them reason to exact that revenge.

& & & & & &

Joel closed his eyes. What the hell was he going to do? Steve Trevor was on the Island, and not officially. Why hadn’t he checked in?

Why was he holding hands with the Princess?

Confused and angry, Joel paced the small area outside the guardhouse overlooking the north coast. He really should report Trevor’s presence to Major Anderson. And there was Major Jordan to consider as well. Why was he hesitating?

Damnit! He and Major Jordan are my heroes!

Both men were rising stars, heroes of the Virillion War and the Kraylon Conflict, and countless skirmishes. They were partners in their professional and personal lives, according to the grapevine.

Maybe Trevor’s just smitten with Diana. She’s certainly beautiful enough.

Still, he knew his duty.

Suddenly, something sharp poked him in the back.

“Do not move, filthy man.”

The cold voice chilled his bones. “What’s going on?”

“Vengeance, you son-of-a-serpent.”

Joel whirled, seeing the Amazon named Medea in full battle regalia. She towered over him, auburn hair tumbling wildly from under her helmet, and as he moved for his pistol, her sword came down hard.

& & & & & &

“It’s too quiet,” Steve fretted.

“Isn’t that the plan?”

Steve pulled his knit cap down tighter, hiding his blond hair. He and Hal were at the base of the cliff, heading for their hidden canoe.

“I’m just nervous, I guess.”

“You should be.” Hal clutched Steve’s arm. “Will they sail for another island?”

“I don’t know.” Worry laced Steve’s voice. “I hope they aren’t planning a last stand!”

“Maybe they’d consider it worth it.” At Steve’s shocked look Hall said gently, “Think about it, Steve. Four centuries of hell. Maybe they figure death is more honorable.” Hal hated to see the stricken look on his companion’s face. “Diana will be fine.”

Steve smiled slightly. “We’d better get out to sea.”

They started for the beach.


The voice was soft but unmistakable. Steve turned.


& & & & & &

With howls of triumph, the Amazons destroyed the equipment in the communications building, swords and fists smashing.

They reveled in their strength. The swords had broken their chains, strength flooding back into their limbs.

No man could stand against them.

& & & & & &

Medea gloried in her power. No man would ever touch her again!

She bared her teeth as she herded the battered soldiers into a circle, guarded by her Sisters.

“Consider yourself lucky, enslaving scum. Our beloved Queen, whom you chose to humiliate and degrade along with all of us, has deigned to spare your miserable lives, but be aware, if you dare to resist, we will most eagerly stop you.”

None of the soldier looked inclined to cause trouble. Mike stood at the front of the circle, always the leader.

“We understand.”

Medea barely acknowledged him.

Mike quickly checked over the group. He was missing six men. Hopefully they would turn up soon.

& & & & & &

As the Amazon battle cries carried through the clear night air, Steve and Hal followed Diana to the Palace. All she would say was that there was little time, but refused to answer questions.

Steve hoped that the rebellion was going well, but he was worried that the troops might have a trick up their sleeves for just this contingency.

And what was the Amazons’ ultimate fate? Was Hal right in guessing this might be an elaborate suicide? His stomach lurched at the thought. To lose Diana…!

They quickly went through the Palace, reaching the exhibit hall.

Hippolyta was gazing at the glass case containing the star-spangled costume, turning as they entered.

“Time is short. Gentlemen, we thank you for your assistance. Daughter, your Destiny lies elsewhere.”


“We cannot stay.” Hippolyta’s eyes were sad. “We could not stand up to the might of the United States Government when they would inevitably bring on reprisals.” She took a deep breath. “We must leave this life.”

“How?!” Steve blurted, fear clawing at his gut.

“Aphrodite has prepared a place for us. She has pledged safety and freedom once we reach it, but is not of this Earth or even this Universe. We will travel to another dimension, and the Mists of Nepenthe will erase the memories of our existence here, until it is time for us to return.”


”Hush, my daughter.” It was said gently, and with heartbreaking sorrow. “Aphrodite has given me a charge. We will be as the stuff of myths until the Day of Return, and our champion must pave the way. She will remind America of its true self, and bring freedom to this benighted world of men.”

Hippolyta opened the case, removing the costume. She held it out to Diana.

“Take this, Daughter, and go to America. Remind her of the freedom she once was on the path to bringing to the world, and can finally reach that place again.”

“Mother, I…”

“I know; it is difficult.” Sadness glinted in Hippolyta’s eyes. “But we need to have someone here while we go away and heal.” The Queen’s fist clenched. “We still have withdrawal symptoms to bear.” She bit her lip. “As will you.”

Steve’s stomach lurched. He was worried about that, and wished he could draw Diana into his arms and keep her safe.

But she was a Warrior, and sometimes that meant pain.

“You must go, Diana, before the Island disappears from the sight of men.” The Queen handed her a bag containing the rest of her costume: boots, tiara, cape, and Golden Lasso.

Diana swallowed, tears in her eyes. “Will I ever see you again?”

“I hope so.” The sad smile on Hippolyta’s face broke Steve’s heart. “ She held out her arms and gathered Diana to her.

Steve glanced at Hal, who looked just as affected.

Hippolyta and Diana parted, Diana clutching the costume to her.

“You must leave now, before the Mists arrive.”

“Wait, does that mean we’ll forget all this?” Steve asked, panic suddenly welling up in him. What if he forgot Diana?

The Queen shook her head. “You and Major Jordan will be the only two who remember all of this. You are to be my daughter’s guides in Man’s World.” A steely glint entered her eyes. “You will perform that service honorably.” Her tone warned of consequences if they did not.

Steve was fine with that, as long as he could remember Diana.

“We will, Your Majesty.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” Hal added.

Hippolyta looked at both of them for a moment, then picked up her shield and sword. She raised her sword.

“To Victory!”

Diana raised her sword.

“To Victory!”

Diana turned and left the room, followed by Steve and Hal, Hippolyta watching them, standing as still as a statue before turning and leaving through another doorway.

& & & & & &

“Here is one of yours,” Medea said, contempt dripping from her voice.

Two of the Amazons dragged an unconscious Joel Tanner and handed him over to soldiers in the dinghy.

“What happened to him?” Mike asked.


Mike bit back a retort. It was no use complaining. They were lucky the Amazons hadn’t slaughtered them all.

“Now, leave us.” Medea’s boot shoved the dingy away, and the other boats were cast off, too.

At least they had provided food and water, Mike thought as he watched the shore recede. The Amazons had given them a chance.

More than we would have given them.

“Major, there’s smoke coming from the Temple!” shouted Carson, a young private.

Mike looked up on the cliff, the Temple of Aphrodite the highest building on the Island. Smoke was curling from opening in the roof.

“It isn’t a fire. It’s an offering!’ He had seen the Amazons’ worship services.

“Thanking the Goddesses for their victory?”

“It’s about time their Goddesses came through.”

Carson blinked. “Sir?”

Mike didn’t answer. He frowned instead. “What’s that?”

The men in the dinghy looked at the Island.

A heavy gray mist began to curl around the Island, slowly obscuring the city on the hill, blotting out the stars. Twisting and turning, tendrils of mists began to envelop the entire Island, then started to stretch out toward the dingy.

& & & & & &

Diana watched the Mists of Nepenthe swallow up the Island. She said nothing, fingers curled tightly around the side of the canoe.

Hal and Steve were rowing, and Steve gently put a hand on Diana’s shoulder.

Slowly, Diana’s hand slid up to cover his as Paradise Island completely disappeared.

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