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Fic Prompts #2 (aka The Product Of BradyGirl's Evil Mind)

Fic Prompts #2

(aka The Product of BradyGirl's Evil Mind)

I wrote these out during the con. They are for the first line of a story. I’d love to have my favorite pairings used but I don’t want to mess with anyone’s Muses, so whomever inspires you, go for it! Pairings, threesomes, foursomes…;) Hopefully slash but again, I don’t like messing with Muses, delicate creatures that they are. :) Any rating, and no deadlines! If they speak to you, you’ll determine when to write.

If you write something, please give a link in the comments so we can all enjoy it! And if it’s okay with you, please link back from your LJ to this entry. Thanks!

The first set have been successful so far and is always open: Fic Prompts #1.

P.S.: I’ll admit I was thinking Bruce/Clark for Number 5 in their civilian identities, though of course ‘Brucie’ would have to become Dark ‘n’ Dangerous Bruce in order to become King. ;) And Clark? If he’s not wearing the cape, all that sweetness and gentleness (not to mention the hunky looks, glasses and all!) would get him into big trouble in the clink! :)

Fic Prompt #1:

“I want you…I need you…I love you.”

Fic Prompt #2:

“You, sir, have no honor.”

Fic Prompt #3:

“Love isn’t always champagne and roses. Sometimes it’s watered-down beer and crabgrass.”

Fic Prompt #4:

“Why am I here?!”

Fic Prompt #5:

“Why is it that every time we get thrown into jail together I have to fight off crazies who want me to be their bunkmate while you give them one look and you’re instantly the King of Cellblock D?!”

Fic Prompt #6:

“You know what they say…the cape makes the man.”

Fic Prompt #7:

“You want me to do what?!”

Fic Prompt #8:

“Do these tights make me look fat?”

Fic Prompt #9:

“You’ve got a boot fetish, my friend.”

Fic Prompt #10:

“You’re my Kryptonite.”

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