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"Persuasion" (Smallville 9.14) (February 19, 2010)

"Persuasion" (Season 9) (Episode 14) (February 19, 2010)

So, the delayed Valentine episode was aired. I have mixed feelings about it. I thought it would have been better served to simply go comedy instead of half-and-half, with frippery and then deadly seriousness.

The premise of Clark giving commands was a good one, and Lois as Suzy Homemaker was a hoot. Chloe’s protection of Clark was scary but came in handy at the end. She really hurt Lois with her sharp words, but Chloe is a veteran of the Clana Wars and is entitled to worry over Clark.

Interesting how Krypton is portrayed as a sophisticated society but still retains medieval notions of killing to avenge one’s House. Despite his conflict with Jor-El, he still felt it necessary to avenge his honor. Zod was truly regretful about killing Alia, but it had to be done by his Code. Callum Blue gave a good performance during this scene.

Okay, can we just give up pairing Tess with men? Sure, she’s got some sexual chemistry with Zod, but not with Ollie or Clark. She sizzles with every female that crosses her path, though! If it isn’t Lois, it’s Canary, and if it isn’t Canary, it’s Chloe. She probably had the hots for Kara, too! Cassidy Freeman has lesbian vibes going on here, just sayin’.

Lois looked pretty in Martha’s bridal gown, and she will get to use it someday. :)

I liked Clark’s declaration that she’s home for him.

Clark wants to learn more about his Kryptonian heritage but it’s all so alien to him (pardon the pun). He is really a stranger in a strange land amongst Kryptonians. He might never fully be one of us, but his roots are here. He was shaped by the Kents and by his experiences on Earth, and he will always feel that Kryptonian culture is not quite home. Even in the comics and the current storyline of him on New Krypton, I feel that he is still too much of a human to every fully embrace his biological culture.

So the future is changing with Alia’s death as proof? With eight episodes left before the series is over, how can the writers give us a satisfying resolution, or will be disappointed as with the Doomsday storyline last year, and with so many of Smallville’s bumps in the road over the years?

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