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Would Anyone Read It?

OMIGODDESS!!! I just saw Absolute Justice today! Short form: I LOVED it! :) I hope to bang out a review in the next few days. Woot! Thanks, northern_star, for sending me the tape! :)

Please, puh-leeze read my story!

That’s what this will sound like. ;)

First off, I have always believed that I write because I have to, and it’s enjoyable, and it’s not just for the feedback. The only reason I pondered this question is because of the reasons I’ll list below. I thought you might enjoy reading my thought processes. We writers are crazy, but we’re fun! ;)

I mentioned awhile ago that I wasn’t sure if I was going to write a slavefic in Public Enemies fandom. Why? Because I have a ‘To-Do’ List as long as my arm, and should I devote time to a project that in all likelihood won’t be read by anyone but me? The PE fandom is small, and probably doesn’t have an abundance of slavefic fans.

Well, the story just kept swirling around in my head, so I decided to go for it. It’s going to be set in the Rainbow’s Freedom ‘verse, but in the 1930s. This presented some interesting challenges.

How would I create the world in the 1930s as successfully as in the 23rd century?

How would I be able to show the history of this particular 'verse, since it was almost a prequel but with different characters?

How would I explore the relationship between Johnny and Mel as Master and slave where there is no hope of Abolition, as there is for Clark and Bruce?

Well, it’s a sure bet that it won’t be the Epic in length, because DC is a universe (and more) of sweeping grandeur, and there is a grand sweep of characters as well. PE is far smaller in cast of characters and its world. Besides, I have time for only one novel-length Epic! :)

There won’t be the grand sweep of events as in the DC version. There will be a far more intimate exploration of the issues. Johnny will be the Master, due to his alpha male status and the fact that an outlaw doesn’t exactly follow the conventions of society, an important theme for this series (which will have elements of Abolitionism, and perhaps a strengthening of the Movement). Mel is a quieter character, but that doesn’t mean he lacks inner strength as the slave. In fact, when you’re talking Dom/sub (a relationship entered into by both parties freely), the sub is the one who holds the ultimate power. ;) And I’d like to incorporate some of that in the Master/slave relationship, which is different from D/s but does share some of the same things.

So, we’ll see. Maybe a PE fan will give slavefic a try. Maybe a slavefic fan will give PE a try. I'll be posting it to slavefics and probably to guns_fedoras. Whatever the case, it’ll be awhile before there’s any posting, anyway. Just one chapter done, all last night, but I know the ending. Just need to fill in the middle! ;)

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