bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Olympics, DC-Style?

So, watching the Olympics got me thinking about my favorite characters and their Olympic talents. ;) Most of the heroes would do well with a lot of events with training. I see Dick as a speed skater, with his powerful legs helping him along, but I think his heart would be enthralled by the power and grace, glitter and showmanship of figure skating. I could definitely see him putting on a show. :)

All the Arrows would clean up in archery during the Summer Games, LOL. Roy would make a good downhill skier, I think. Bart definitely for snowboarding! ;)

Even without powers, I could see Diana as a participant in the decathalon. :)

Anybody have any characters (DC or Marvel) to match with Olympic events?
Tags: dc comics, diana prince, dick grayson, nightwing, red arrow, robin, roy harper, speedy, wonder woman
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