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Media*West Con 27 Report: Day Five

Day Five

Monday, May 28, 2007

Well, it’s always a sad time when Monday rolls around. The convention isn’t over ‘til noon, but I usually have an early flight out so it is for me. Khylara and I enjoyed a quick breakfast, blueberry pancakes and sausage again for me, and then I was off to the airport on the hotel shuttle.

The Lansing airport is a clean, quiet facility that is far more peaceful than the major airports, so it’s always nice to wait there as opposed to Detroit. Other fans arrived and we enjoyed some fannish talk, apparently scaring away some people sitting behind us as they moved away from us! LOL! And we hadn’t even been talking explicitly, though slash may have been mentioned. *snicker*

The flights home were on time and without incident. Perhaps it’s a sad indictment on society, but it amazed me that everything went so smoothly.

I had a car instead of a van for shuttle pick-up and was quite comfortable. The driver was very personable and we got into a pleasant conversation. I learned that he and his wife had been privileged years ago to be in the owner’s box at New England Patriots’ games, and he described the food and service to me, including a precious special parking pass! If you’ve ever attended games at Gillette Stadium or the old Foxboro Stadium, you know how clogged it gets after games on Route 1. He mentioned how calls had been made and inquiries about favorite food and drinks, so they were provided tailored to each person throughout the game and for the half-time buffet.

That’s living, folks! ;)

I was also rather happy to hear that they required TVs in the box because they were so far up, it was difficult to see the field! They were like the peons in the nosebleed seats! Heh heh.

Home was a welcome destination. I unpacked, took a long, relaxing bath, watched my two-hour tape of “War Of The Gods”, and ate a Lean Cuisine TV dinner (too tired to cook).

Another year, another con.

This was my 12th Media*West Con. Naturally I’m a little jaded by now, but I still am enthusiastic about attending otherwise I wouldn’t bother to spend the money to do so! :) While I know what to expect now, each year is different in some way.

If you are interested in attending this con after reading these reports, can I guarantee you’ll have a good time? No, but then, I can’t even guarantee myself a good time! No one knows. But I can guarantee that you’re highly likely to have a good time! :)

Take my first year: everything was perfect. Perfect travel to and fro, perfect con, perfect first time rooming with Khylara. I felt exhilarated that I was in a world where I felt that I belonged. I was euphoric for the entire time, feeling comfortable and happy.

In the following years, I was still feeling the same things, just not as a “first-time”. My second year there was a transportation glitch. Another year there were major transportation problems. Another year there were hotel problems (my room was very late in getting made up and I had to hang around after a long travel day). Yet through it all, I enjoyed the con itself and always resolved to return, a decision I’ve never regretted.

I would advise checking over the links to the con:

Media*West Con 27

Programming Grid

These show a wide variety of interests. If you are simply passionate about one fandom, then perhaps Media*West would not be for you.

However, the programming is what you make it. If you are only into comics fandom, for instance, if you become a member you can suggest topics for panels and sign up to be the moderator or hope someone else does. You can have parties in your room or the Party Suite with the theme you want. You can connect with other fans and have discussions.

Anyway, it would be a good idea to take stock and decide if this is the con for you. It suits me because I’ve always enjoyed many fandoms, and as for my current comics obsession, I suggested the panels so I would have comics talk! It’s all in what you make it. :)

I hope that these reports painted you a picture of cons in general Media*West in particular if you’ve never been to one or MWC. Nothing’s perfect but fandom can be an awfully fun place to be in person! :)
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