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Public Enemies Fiction Archive

Public Enemies Fiction Archive

(Slash, Het, & Gen)

This page will be for all my Public Enemies fiction (slash, het, and gen). I’ve only been writing in this fandom since July of 2009 when the movie debuted, and it already needs its own page! :)

Links from 2010 on will lead to this page. Links before that will lead to the old page (Potpourri) with a note leading people here.

Public Enemies

Cup Of Tea (Mel) (7/18/09)

Melvin Purvis is a man of honor…but is he losing that honor in the hunt for John Dillinger?

Afternoon Tea (Billie, Mel) (7/20/09)

Billie Frechette will never give up her man...but there’s no harm in civility with another one.

"And What Keeps You Up Nights, Mr. Dillinger?" (Mel/Johnny) (7/22/09)

What keeps Melvin Purvis up at night?

The Triptych Series: (Mel/Johnny/Billie)

Stories that revolve around the Gangster Trio. :)

European (Riviera) Triptych I: Sparkling Accents (Triptych Series I) (8/6/09)

A Frenchwoman observes three Americans at a hotel on the French Riviera.

European (Riviera) Triptych II: Yankee Doodle Dandies (Triptych Series I) (11/9/09)

The Excelsior Hotel Regina helps their American guests celebrate the Fourth of July.

European (Riviera) Triptych III: Summer Night On The Riviera (Triptych Series I) (11/12/09)

Johnny, Billie, and Mel fit together in so many ways.

American (Thanksgiving) Triptych I: A Proper Feast (Triptych Series II) (11/21/09)

Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings.

American Triptych II: Thorns 'N' Roses (Triptych Series II) (1/14/10)

Despite all obstacles, love endures.

American Triptych III: Down At The Ol' Swimmin' Hole (Triptych Series II) (8/31/10)

The Trio makes good use of a secluded swimming hole. ;)

American Triptych IV: Guardian Angel (Triptych Series II) (Mel/Carter, Mel/Johnny/Billie) (12/21/10)

While the Gangster Trio hides out after Little Bohemia, strange occurrences make a puzzling mystery.

Dark Triptych I: Gold Turned To Straw (Triptych Series III) (1/5/10)

Betrayal is the name of the game.

Dark Triptych II: Paid In Full (Triptych Series III) (Billie, Mel/Johnny/Billie, Mel/Johnny) (1/17/10)

Billie has paid a heavy price to keep her boys safe, but now they’re gone.

Fairytale Triptych I: The Little Cottage In The Woods With The Blue Shutters And The Yellow Door (Triptych Series IV) (Mel/Johnny/Billie) (3/5/12)

Three lonely people come together in the Little Cottage In The Woods With The Blue Shutters And The Yellow Door.

Chapter One: The Little Cottage In The Woods

Chapter Two: A Handsome Stranger

Chapter Three: The Bluebird Of Happiness

Chapter Four: Happily Ever After

The Now And Forever Series: (Mel/Johnny)

When Melvin Purvis is taken hostage by Johnny Dillinger, both men's lives change forever.

Now And Forever I: Johnny's Indulgence (8/12/09)

During the chaos of the shoot-out at Little Bohemia, Special Agent Melvin Purvis is captured by the Dillinger gang and becomes a ‘Hostage To Fortune’…and ‘Johnny’s Indulgence’.

Chapter One: Blood, Silver'd

Chapter Two: The Awakening

Chapter Three: "Good Morning, Sunshine"

Chapter Four: Pretty Boy (Not Floyd)

Chapter Five: Sunshine, Fresh Air And Exercise

Chapter Six: Thoroughbred

Chapter Seven: Surrender

Chapter Eight: "...In Nothin' But A Fedora"

Chapter Nine: Pleasure

Chapter Ten: "Clothes Make The Man"

Chapter Eleven: Bitter Rain

Chapter Twelve: "...Too Late"

Chapter Thirteen: "Come, Dance With Me"

Chapter Fourteen: Reputations

Chapter Fifteen: Dark And Beautiful

Chapter Sixteen: Southern Comfort

Chapter Seventeen: Vulnerable

Chapter Eighteen: Shattered

Chapter Nineteen: Gathered Shards

Chapter Twenty: Time's End

Chapter Twenty-One: "It's Time, Sunshine"

Chapter Twenty-Two: Now And Forever

"Let's Trip The Light Fantastic!" (Mel/Johnny) (8/27/09)

John Dillinger needs improvement in a certain area of his life. Melvin Purvis can help him.

The Somewhere, Somewhen Series: (Mel/Johnny)

Realities shift and swirl. It's a roll of the dice as to which one is yours.

Somewhere, Somewhen I: Soaked In Scarlet (9/29/09)

The nightmare of the Biograph crashes down on Mel.

Somewhere, Somewhen II: Walk A Mile (10/9/11)

A fortuneteller predicts an unusual twist.

Chapter One: Cotton Candy 'N' Lemon Ice

Chapter Two: Topsy-Turvy

Chapter Three: Of Forms And Paper Clips

Chapter Four: Not Quite Right

Somewhere, Somewhen III: Like Molasses In Winter (5/26/14)

Mel always knew what the risks were when he fell in love with Johnny.

A Foggy Day (Mel/Johnny) (10/5/09)

On a foggy Chicago day, a mysterious customer comes into the chocolate shop across the street from the Biograph Theater.

Masquerade (Mel/Johnny) (10/11/09)

Mel is invited to a Halloween party while nursing deeply-felt regrets.

Chapter One: The Most Painful Word

Chapter Two: Whispering On The Wind

Woman-To-Woman (Doris, Billie, Mel) (10/17/09)

Doris Rogers disapproves of the treatment of Billie Frechette in Bureau hands, and does something about it.

Silvery Moon (Mel/Johnny) (10/22/09)

Carter is saved at Little Bohemia in a surprising twist.

The Twilight Zone Series

Tales told from the deepest depths of the Twilight Zone, involving different fandoms.

The Twilight Zone I: Death Mask (Mel/Johnny) (Public Enemies) (10/26/09)

On Halloween, J. Edgar Hoover finally pays for his crimes.

Mel's Secret (Mel/Johnny) (10/30/09)

Carter Baum wonders how everyone else can’t see what he’s seeing.

The Lone Ranger (Mel/Charles) (11/6/09)

Charles Winstead is looking for exotic male beauty in Chicago. He finds it.

Blood On The Snow (Mel/Johnny) (11/14/09)

The Grand Duke is charged by the King to bring in the Rogue Knight…but the fairest Knight in all the land falls in love with him instead.

Chapter One: Snow, Falling Softly

Chapter Two: Pure As The Snows

Chapter Three: I Would Sweep All The Stars...

Chapter Four: The Cold And Dark Tower

Chapter Five: Spilled Gold

Chapter Six: Whispered On The Wind

Johnny Angel (Mel/Carter, Mel/Johnny) (12/10/09)

Melvin Purvis grieves for one lover lost and one slipping away.

Under The Christmas Tree (Tied Up With A Big, Red Bow) (Mel/Johnny) (12/14/09)

Johnny yearns for a Christmas gift he can’t have. Or can he?

Love Letters (On The Run) (Mel/Johnny) (12/22/09)

While Johnny is on the run, he and Mel exchange love letters.

Golden Morning (Mel/Johnny) (1/9/10)

Mel's happy in Johnny's arms.

From Romania With Love (Johnny/Billie) (1/17/10)

Johnny treats his girl to a special evening out.

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang!!! (Mel/Carter) (1/24/10)

Working for the Bureau Of Investigation during the 1930s means kisses ‘n’ bullets is just another day at the office. ;)

The Yellow Roses Series (Mel/Johnny)

This series will follow Mel and Johnny's life around the world after escaping J. Edgar Hoover and the Bureau of Investigation.

Yellow Roses I: Going Home (Mel/Johnny) (1/26/10)

Johnny reflects back on his life with Mel.

Yellow Roses II: Treasures (Carter/Doris, Mel/Johnny) (12/14/11)

A collection of treasured letters and cards set Carter to reminiscing.

Yellow Roses III: Summertime In Korea (Mel/Johnny) (4/6/13)

Mel and Johnny find themselves in South Korea on the eve of the Korean War.

Courage (Mel/Johnny) (1/29/10)

In a dirty alley, it could all end for Mel.

"When The World Is Closing In All Around You" (Johnny/Billie) (2/18/10)

Billie knows that time is running out for her and Johnny.

The Tears Of The Saints Series: (Mel/Johnny)

Tears Of The Saints will deal with the Outfit/Syndicate (aka the Mob) and how they cross paths with the Dillinger Gang and the Bureau of Investigation. It helps to have first-hand knowledge of Italian culture and Catholicism. ;)

Tears Of The Saints I: A Jewel Of Great Price (2/19/10)

When the Syndicate needs the special talents of John Dillinger, they take out insurance that he will do the job they want by kidnapping someone near and dear to his heart: Melvin Purvis.

Chapter One: Side Dish

Chapter Two: Peaches 'N'...Corn?

Chapter Three: Opening Move

Chapter Four: Hostage To Fortune

Chapter Five: "Do We Have A Deal, Mr. Dillinger?"

Chapter Six: Bread And Water

Chapter Seven: Planning

Chapter Eight: Desperation

Chapter Nine: The Sweet Taste

Chapter Ten: Sainted Treasure

Chapter Eleven: The Exchange

Chapter Twelve: "My Jewel"

Chapter Thirteen: Jewel Exchange

Chapter Fourteen: Johnny's Jewel

Sins Of The Heart (Mel/Johnny) (4/16/10)

Special Agent Melvin Purvis is driven to ruin by Public Enemy Number One, John Dillinger.

The Crystal Rain Series (Teddy/Chuck, Mel/Johnny)

A decades-old mystery involve U.S. Marshals Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule with Special Agent Melvin Purvis and Public Enemy Number One, John Dillinger.

Crystal Rain Book I: Whatever Happened To Melvin Purvis? (Teddy/Chuck, Mel/Johnny) (4/30/10)

U.S. Marshals Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule are sent to Shutter Island on a unique assignment, and while there, discover shocking answers to a decades-old mystery.

Chapter One: "Welcome To Shutter Island"

Chapter Two: Out Of The Shadows

Chapter Three: Haunted

Chapter Four: Ghosts

Chapter Five: Pleading

Chapter Six: Crack'd

Chapter Seven: Blood On The Snow

Chapter Eight: Autumn Rain

Chapter Nine: The Night John Dillinger Died

Chapter Ten: Storm On The Horizon

Chapter Eleven: "Batten Down The Hatches!!!"

Chapter Twelve: Storm's Wake

Chapter Thirteen: The Citadel

Chapter Fourteen: Once A Cop, Always A Cop

Chapter Fifteen: Safe

Chapter Sixteen: Stars Dusting

Chapter Seventeen: Ashes

Chapter Eighteen: Me And Thee

Chapter Nineteen: Brand New Day

Gossamer Wings (Mel/Johnny) (Chapters 1-4) (6/11/10)

Life on the run while dealing with homophobia is a volatile mix.

Anniversary (Billie, Johnny/Billie, Mel) (Gen & Het) (7/4/10)

Before Billie can get on with her life, she remembers her Johnny on a special anniversary.

By-The-Shore (Mel/Johnny) (8/17/10)

In the heat of a sweltering Chicago summer, Johnny realizes what…and whom...he needs.

Turning The Tables (Mel/Johnny) (10/19/10)

Johnny thinks that a grabby J. Edgar Hoover ought to be taught a lesson.

The House At 1313 Maple Street (Mel/Johnny) (10/21/10)

A decaying old house in a genteel Chicago neighborhood is the site of many strange and disturbing happenings. Special Agent Melvin Purvis is sent to investigate.

Chapter One: Allure

Chapter Two: Dancing Down The Street

Chapter Three: Speak Softly

Chapter Four: Lost

Chapter Five: Thunder 'N' Lightning

Chapter Six: Haunted

Chapter Seven: Luminescence

Chapter Eight: Bad Moon Rising

"Trick-Or-Treat!!!" (Mel/Carter) (11/4/10)

Candy is the name of the game on All Hallows’ Eve. ;)

Incense And Evergreen (Mel/Johnny) (12/23/10)

Mel is feeling lonely on Christmas Eve.

Bells And Kisses (Mel/Johnny) (12/31/10)

Mel and Johnny reflect back on the old year and look forward to the new.

Johnny Hood And The Gift (Mel/Johnny) (5/1/11)

When Johnny Hood is gifted with a slave by his Merry Men, he jumps at the opportunity to break an arrogant noble.

"Don't Wear That Suit!" (Mel/Johnny) (7/22/11)

Mel models a favorite suit for Johnny.

Sunshine On The Menu (Mel/Johnny) (8/3/11)

Mel and Johnny enjoy a pleasant lunch together on a cold Chicago day.

The Gay Chicago Series

Chicago enjoyed openly gay nightlife in the 1930s.

Gay Chicago I: The Purple Peacock (Charles/Doris, Mel/Johnny) (8/17/11)

Charles takes Doris out for a night on the town to one of the hottest nightclubs in Chicago. They’re not the only ones with the same idea.

Gay Chicago II: Sequin-Dusted (Mel/Johnny) (9/15/11)

Mel and Johnny enjoy their night out at The Purple Peacock.

The Room At The End Of The Hall (Mel/Johnny) (10/7/11)

Johnny answers Mel’s summons on Halloween.

The Thing That Ate Chicago (Mel/Johnny, Charles/Doris) (10/17/11)

On Halloween, the Bankers Building becomes a literal House of Horrors.

Chapter One: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Chapter Two: A Grim Discovery

Chapter Three: The Hunt Begins

Chapter Four: Evacuation

Chapter Five: Red-And-Black

Chapter Six: Bloody, Bloody Night

Chapter Seven: The Smell Of The Grave

Chapter Eight: Shooting Star

The Definition Of Passion (Mel/Johnny) (11/21/11)

Johnny knows that passion simmers below the surface with his Mel.

Johnny's Christmas Wish (Mel/Johnny) (11/29/11)

Johnny tends to an ill Mel on Christmas Eve.

Vision (Mel/Carter) (1/18/12)

During the Battle of Little Bohemia, Mel undergoes an unsettling experience.

Valentine Dinner (Mel/Johnny) (1/3/12)

Mel and Johnny enjoy a traditional Valentine’s Day dinner.

Lost Glitter (Mel/Johnny) (4/3/12)

Mel's life is crumbling all around him.

Sacrifice (Charles/Doris, Mel/Johnny) (4/6/12) (2011/2012 History_BigBang)

How much will a man sacrifice for love? Once Melvin Purvis is captured by his former Bureau of Investigation colleagues, he finds out.

Chapters 1-6

Chapters 7-14

Chapters 15-17

The Petals Falling Series (Trilogy)

J. Edgar Hoover wants his revenge.

Petals Falling Trilogy (Book I): Fading (J. Edgar Hoover, Mel/Johnny) (4/24/13)

J. Edgar Hoover does not take betrayal lightly.

Petals Falling Trilogy (Book II): Withered (Mel/Johnny, J. Edgar Hoover) (5/24/13)

Decisions must be made.

Petals Falling Trilogy (Book III): Bloom (Mel/Johnny, J. Edgar Hoover/Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar Hoover/Melvin Purvis) (7/12/13)

When Johnny finds the answers to his questions about why Mel left him, he takes action.

Got Your Back (Mel/Johnny) (3/7/19)

A newcomer to the Dillinger Gang learns the secrets of their success.

Chapter One: Charmer

Chapter Two: Mystery Man

Chapter Three: Grocery Guy

Chapter Four: Steak And Champagne

Chapter Five: Loose Cannon

The Rules Of Chocolate ;) (5/17/19)

A series of vignettes in which Mel and Johnny discover the many ways to enjoy chocolate. ;)


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