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Fannish 'To-Do' List

Well, looks like I’m going to be a busy writer the month of February! Stories and essays on the To-Do List (with Rainbow’s Freedom both a WIP and Simmering on the Stove):

DC Comics


help_haiti fic for patrese1--I hit a snag with this but happily got by the logjam, and should be finished with this soon!

Birthday fic for northern_star--Same as above! I love it when a block floats away! ;)

Simmering on the stove:

Birthday fic for ladybugkay

Workshop essay for superhero_muses: study of The End Of All Things

Public Enemies


Hurt/comfort Mel/Johnny fic (multi-chaptered)--I’ve definitely hit a snag with this one, but won’t give up! Hurt/comfort is just too wonderful a genre! ;)

Hostage Mel/Johnny fic (multi-chaptered)--This one is close to finished.

Simmering on the stove:

Valentine’s Day Mel/Johnny/Billie fic--Have the ideas, just haven’t found the time to write it yet!

Johnny/Billie canon-based fic

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