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Avatar! (Review)

I saw Avatar a few days ago!

Spoilers ‘n’ squee! :)

It was AMAZING!!! It truly did live up to the hype!

My sister and I went and the showing happened to be in 3-D. Some of the showings are not, so we paid extra and took our 3-D glasses with us, and they were comfortable, not a pain at all. We were directed to put them on for the final preview of Alice In Wonderland with Johnny Depp, which looks pretty cool. We might go see that. BunnyGirl loved the grinning Cheshire Cat! :)

The film’s visuals are stunning. You won’t be able to get enough.

The story is somewhat simplistic, but rings true to a tree-hugger like me. When they destroyed Hometree, I cried. That enormous, ancient tree destroyed in a matter of minutes! It infuriated me.

Not to mention killing and displacing the natives, all for the love of money! This wasn’t even a war or defense of Earth or any of that. It was a giant corporation mining a mineral that sold for untold millions back home.

The Europeans/Native Americans parallel was strong in this story, with the Pandorans in tune with Nature and the Terrans almost completely dismissive of it.

The concept of the trees all biologically-linked is one that I can really get down with. ;) But then, as I said, I’m a tree-hugger, and really hate it when a tree is cut down for any reason beside disease or safety issues. Sorry, I don’t believe in it. The more trees we cut down, the worse off we are. And plant a new one? Fine, but why cut down a perfectly healthy tree that’s been around for decades? By the time the new tree is big enough to give shade and to even get close to the original’s, we’re all twenty years older!

The acting was fine. Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver starred, and for Public Enemies fans, Stephen Lang (Charles Winstead) was the gung-ho Colonel, and Giovanni Ribisi (Alvin Karpis) was Parker, the company on-site rep.

One thing: the Terrans require breathing masks once they are out of their compound, which makes sense, as the Pandorans are much bigger and heavier, and the atmosphere density is probably different.

But what if it’s because they can no longer breathe in a natural environment? What if they are always in artificial environments? It’s stated that the Earth is no longer green. So imagine what it must be like.

I recommend seeing this movie, and in 3-D! The reviews are mixed on it but I loved it. My sister has been talking about it a lot, too! :)

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