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"Disciple" (Smallville 9.10) (January 29, 2010)

"Disciple" (Season 9) (Episode 10) (January 29, 2010)

First, Zod’s visit to the farm and Clark’s Freudian slip pleased me. Clark really does think of Kryptonians as ‘others’ and humans as ‘his people’. That’s only logical, as he was raised from the time he was a baby on Earth. In particular, in SV, Krypton and all it entails (the Fortress, AI, Brainiac, etc.) has been more negative than positive in his life, and it only makes sense that his enthusiasm for Kryptonians isn’t as strong as in comics or ‘toonverses. SV has made that difficult. That may change in the future, but for now, Clark’s roots are the farm.

Superman/Clark has always been rooted to Earth, anyway. He has curiosity about his heritage, naturally, but his home has always been Earth.

Ollie’s darkness: clearly taking the place of Bruce in SV requires he struggle with darkness, but SV is a much darker ‘verse so it does make sense. Even though the Celtic cult is a direct parallel to the League of Assassins run by Ra’s, it fits Ollie’s heritage.

Mia saying she’ll keep him in check is exactly what Dick’s role has always been for Bruce.

If Bruce were on SV, he'd be so dark he'd disappear. ;) Even Diana would be harder-edged!

I always liked the Ollie/Lois chemistry on the show, but now that Lois is with Clark, I’d like to see them give Ollie more time with either Dinah or Zatanna. They would both work in this ‘verse.

Chloe makes me sad. I miss her bubbly, wisecracking self. People change, but Brainiac and this ‘verse had really done a number on her. I keep remembering that the Legion had never heard of her. Does this mean she will ultimately betray Clark and disappear from history? He does what’s right. She does what’s ‘necessary’. I don’t see a good ending for Chloe here. She really is a tragic figure in the classic sense of the word.

The Clois dating was cute and fun, and Zod sniffing around Lois was a good scene.

How many of you loved it when Clark warned Zod that if he came near Lois again, he’d destroy all the Kryptonians? Nice flash of Kal there. ;)

And Zod looking down his nose at humans? Funny, we might be a violent lot, but from what I’ve seen, are the Kryptonians any better?

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