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Media*West Con 27 Report: Day Three

Day Three


Saturday, May 26, 2007


Saturday is usually a packed day at Media*West, and this year was no exception.  It was raining again as I went for my walk.  That nixed sitting out in the courtyard again unless things cleared up.


Breakfast was a short stack of blueberry pancakes, maple syrup, and sausage.  Generally Khylara and I don’t eat lunch during con days as we’re usually too busy, so we eat a hearty breakfast and then dinner at an hour we can mutually fit into our schedule.


I managed another run in the Dealers’ Room.  I was on a strict budget this year and passed up things that I might have bought in previous years.  I decided upon a K/S zine, T’Hyla #27, and was glad of reading material.  I also picked up some free comics and chose Tim Drake/Robin battling the Joker.


The first panel that I attended was at 11:00 about fixing certain eps of Starsky And Hutch. It was interesting to go over the old episodes again and learn how people did fix-its.  The fandom is on-line but still thrives in zines that last I knew. 


On my way to the Law & Order panel I briefly met Vicki and Pam on their way to lunch.  Ships passing in the night!  J  The panel discussed all three shows and was entertaining and informative.


Next I stopped into the Xena panel and heard plans about the movie that’s floating around out there.  Lucy Lawless and Rene O’Connor have expressed interest in being involved.  There is also a good chance that the character of Joxer would return.  We Xenites are  hopeful!  :)

When I was doing my walkaround the Dealers’ Room on Saturday, I noticed that at the end of the room was a table with lovely glass suncatchers.  What catches my eye?  The ‘S’ and Bat symbols!  So naturally I had to go right over and inquire as to price.  Unfortunately they were a little too pricey but then I noticed two pins that were the same symbols.  Hallelujah!  The price was right and so I had some lovely pins that represented our boys. J


Later at 2:00 I attended a panel entitled R*pe Stories: Squick or Squeal?  It was the biggest audience I’d seen yet and I teased a friend of mine that I figured I’d see here at the smuttiest panel of the day.  :) 


We had a productive discussion about fic that deals with assault and related slash issues, and people felt comfortable about expressing interest in a subject that can be shot down quite often.  This kind of fic isn’t for everyone, but it’s a good way to break a character down and build him back up again, and it also affects his partner and so you get both of your pairing hurting.  Some people never write this kind of fic but will read it, some will write and read, but I don’t think there are any that only write and never read!  J  It was a very stimulating discussion and I think the acceptance of the topic among the audience helped it along.  If you feel comfortable discussing unpopular topics with others, you can pour out a lot of pent-up stuff in a good way.  Unfortunately, the climate in America in recent years tends more toward suppression of the unpopular, as we can see by the latest kerfuffle on LJ.


The next panel I attended was about tips, tricks, and etiquette on LJ, and I went out of curiosity as to how the moderators would present it to newbies.  They did a good job, and I learned a few tricks myself!  :)  So that was productive.


My final panel attendance of the day was Comics In Popular Culture and it was a very good discussion.  Deb and I went to it together and had fun joking with each other and contributing to the discussion.  When that discussion turned to gay superheroes, we could offer Apollo and Midnighter from the Authority. 


Topics ranged from DC to Marvel to the old pulp comics to comic strips and gay heroes.  We had a very good time and I’m glad I suggested both comics panels! :)


Later on I talked to Deb in her room.  She and her roommates had a door about heroes, and that included a pic of Superman in front of an American flag and Hiro from Heroes.  :)  It was great to once again speak with someone who not only loved Clark/Bruce but Bruce/Dick!  :)


Dinner was with Khylara and we ate at Hummingbird’s, and I ordered a grilled chicken club sandwich (ham, tomato, lettuce, bacon, red onions, and mustard) and French fries.


I went down to see the slash videos showing at 9:00.  They started out with last year’s that included an incredibly beautiful Lord of the Rings.  There was also an excellent Bodie/Doyle.


This year’s slash vids concentrated on Lord of the Rings again and was long and beautiful.  Also a stunning Horatio/Archie vid from Horatio Hornblower that got me a little misty. There was a Supernatural video here, too, the concept of which doesn’t bother me in the least. J  There was a Sentinel vid and Magnificent Seven offerings and all were very well done.  There was a video of a British cop show that I didn’t recognize but the pairing was cute, and then an absolutely adorable Hiro/Ando vid from Heroes!  So I’d say we had small quantity this year but excellent quality.


The final item on the agenda for me was attending the screening of the original Star Wars movie, Episode IV: A New Hope. 


It was really original.  None of the added stuff like Han talking to Jabba or any of that.  Just what we saw in theaters in 1977.


Mark Hamill looked gorgeous!  His blond hair was luscious and his first meeting with Han/Harrison Ford!  *fans self*  Their chemistry was undeniable and the film is still exciting.  I loved the scenes in which Han is desperate to find Luke in the garbage chute; Luke’s disappointment when Han leaves before the Battle of Yavin IV; Han coming back to save Luke from Vader and allow Luke to destroy the Death Star; the big hug the boys enjoy in celebration back at the base, and the medal ceremony.  Great stuff, Han/Luke and otherwise!  :) 


So all in all it was a very busy day with more room crawling and even a short stint outside as the weather cleared. 


Tomorrow: Heroes, the Wild Wild West, Smallville, and comics!  :) 




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