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Media*West Con 27 Report: Day Two

Day Two

Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday morning dawned rainy and cold. I had to use my umbrella while I took my morning meditative walk. Khlyara and I went down to breakfast when I got back.

We decided to splurge on the breakfast buffet. What is offered are fruit, Danish, dollar pancakes, buttermilk biscuits, hash browns, bacon, sausage and eggs. I passed on the Danish and eggs but sampled most of the rest, enjoying the bacon and sausage in particular as I rarely eat it otherwise. 

When you enter the restaurant, to the right is the buffet table and you must go up a step to get to the booths and tables, and a private function room is off that part of the room. To the left is the reservation desk and bar and then more tables and booths. Once you pass through that part of the room, you make another step up and you’re in the skylight section. The view isn’t anything spectacular, just the sidewalks and trees around the hotel and the parking lot across the road, but the sunlight is pleasing and bright. And when it rains? You still get natural light.

Registration was scheduled at 10:00. Khylara and I went to get in line in the conference center armed with our notebooks. While some fans required chairs, we sat on the floor to wait. Eventually I got to talking politics with another fan and so the time passed with registration delayed only a half hour.

Registration was quick and painless once it started, and I checked the panel schedule. When the Dealers’ Room opened at noon I let the first crazy wave go through and then went browsing. This year I had no specific zines I wanted to get as in past years. I did see a few K/S I wanted but decided to wait as my budget was tight this year. I did buy a lovely peacock feather hair ornament that consisted of yellow feathers interlaced with blue. I know the maker of these ornaments and always check out her table every year. 

I met Islofhope and Big Miss Sunbeam at the Wild Wild West table. They were selling Marian Kelly’s Man From UNCLE’s Relative Secrecy zine and their own WWW Sin & Salvation. Both zines are slash. I had the two Sin zines and the ladies loved my story in the last zine, “The Night Of The Harlot’s Heart” and also expressed interest in a new story for #3. The theme for the zine is New Orleans, either as a setting or even just as a throwaway line. I had great fun talking with them.

I stopped by the Teen Titans panel but no one was there. That could mean the moderator hadn’t shown, or no audience members. Either way I wondered if it foreshadowed the same for the World’s Finest panel later?

The first panel I did attend was the Smallville one at 3:00. Here is a link to the programming grid so you can read explanatory notes in the titles: Programming Grid

Lady Ra did a good job moderating. She provided us with a list of Clex fic she particularly enjoyed that fit the theme and told us a little about each one. I’ll be checking out that list for certain! J It was a good give-and-take panel and I actually spoke up at this one! J We did minimal griping about the show and the Rift and concentrated on healing that Rift and bringing the boys back together. 

Then it was World’s Finest time.

I arrived to find two people and the moderator there, and then we got three more people in a few minutes. The mod then said he’d seen this subject in this suggestion list and couldn’t resist signing up to get it on the final schedule. He had to wonder if there was all that much Superman/Batman slash out there. Silly boy! J I and another lovely lady, Deb, told him there was tons of it out there! J We then launched into a discussion of why the light and the dark works, and Deb also mentioned loving the Batman/Nightwing pair. Now you know my Little Bird radar went up, LOL. A kindred spirit! So we all had a good discussion of Clark and Bruce and why they would work, and we also segued into other general comics discussion but always returned to Clark and Bruce. There was discussion of who topped, and most of us agreed that while the boys switched, Bruce was more often the top and Clark the bottom. ;) 

After the panel I talked with Deb, thrilled to connect with a comics fan who loved Bruce/Dick as much as Clark/Bruce. Sigh. What could be better? J We exchanged e-mails and I promised to corrupt, um, guide her to more good DC comics slash on-line. ;)

I read outside since the rain had stopped and the sun had come out. I closed my eyes after reading and listened to the sound of the birds and the water splashing in the fountain. 

Khylara and I went to a new restaurant a short walk from the hotel called Legends, which replaced a Denny’s that had been destroyed by fire a few years ago. It was the same kind of restaurant as Denny’s and seemed to be doing a good business. I ordered chicken orzo soup, a fish sandwich with lettuce and tomato, onion rings, and icewater with a slice of lemon. I had had icewater and lemon the night before. It seemed to be a pattern. J It was good and the walk did us good, too. The fish was probably whitefish. It didn’t taste exactly like cod or haddock. We on the East Coast are so spoiled with the incredibly fresh fish we get to taste that it’s always a bonus when you get good fish further inland.

I did the whole hotel tour afterwards, starting from the 5th floor and working my way down. I saw a brightly lit Stargate: Atlantis door, doors with pirate themes (theme of the con), a door with a LOTR theme with lanterns hanging from the ceiling and gauzy banners in the hall, slash doors such as the Slash Broadcasting Network that showed a full schedule of spoofed shows turned into slash, and a fabulous Wild Wild West door with glossy pictures and screengrabs that showed how often Jim West was tied up, how often we got shots of that great butt, and how he and Artie stood or sat very close together! J So many pictures!

I stopped by Wizard Works and talked to old friend Jan from my Simon & Simon days, then popped down to check out the new videos.

It was quite an experience! When I got there people were exiting the room complaining that they couldn’t take another Supernatural vid! Seems there were so many vids of that show that people were getting glassy-eyed. Even the fans of the show had had enough! So the hot fandom this year saturated the video room. I did see a few non-Supernatural vids: one lovely one of The Ghost And Mrs. Muir (TV version) and a tribute to the deceased Edward Mulhare (Captain Gregg on the aforementioned series). 

Unfortunately a policy was made about five years ago that now slash and mature vids are screened late at night the first time around. I wasn’t about to stay up ‘til two in the morning for them and since I’d heard they would be screened at 9 the next night, I went to bed a little after midnight.

It’s a curious policy. Slash vids don’t have anything explicit in them at all since TV shows don’t show their leads as gay, except for shows like Queer As Folk on Showtime. We don’t even see kisses, yet het vids can show lots of skin and be hot ‘n’ heavy and are shown earlier in the evening. I believe I’d heard that the policy was instituted due to a kid wandering in the video room years ago and seeing a slash vid and someone got upset. Who knows? It just tends to irk me.

Here is a link to the con page: MWC 27

So, Day Two is done! Day Three tomorrow! J

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