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Wild Card Week 1: Baltimore Ravens 33, New England Patriots 14 (0-1) (10-7) (Sun., January 10, 2010)

Wild Card Weekend: Baltimore Ravens 33, New England Patriots 14 (0-1) (10-7) (Sunday, January 10, 2010)

So ends the season, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Tom Not-So-Terrific

It was Tom’s worst game as a Patriot. It was his first playoff loss at home. He threw three interceptions!

It was the first Patriots' playoff loss at home since 1978!

Funny thing is, the defense and special teams weren’t too bad, but the offense STUNK! They kept turning the ball over and doing absolutely nothing when the other two parts of the team gave them opportunities. Tom missed open receivers and played like he was a Pod Person whose body had been snatched.

Awful, awful, awful! Terrible way to end the season and the decade. We have high standards this year, but this is ridiculous!

Honestly, I didn't think the Super Bowl was in the cards this year, but at least win your first game, especially at home!

Julian Edelman, our replacement for injured Wes Welker, did very well, making big plays. So did Kevin Faulk. The rest of the players looked as if they were sleep-walking. When you allow an 83-yard run for a touchdown from the first play from scrimmage, you’re probably not karmically-inclined to win the game, but the team had plenty of chances that early. They still could have won this game, but the offense was so horrible it couldn’t be done.

So, LOTS of changes to come this off-season. Goodbye, Adalius Thomas and Lawrence Maroney! Tom, get your body healed and your head on straight! 2011 will probably be a strike year, so let’s get some positive changes made in 2010! The defense was supposed to be the weak link this year, not the offense!

And the coaches should take a good, hard look at themselves, too. Bill Belichick wasn't as sharp this year, and neither was Tom. Time to get the fire back, boys!

*sighs* *waits for next year*

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