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Housecleaning (aka Last-Minute Post)

Beautiful day out today! Running around doing last-minute errands but I managed to grab some time here at the computer. Whew! :) I’ve been busy answering comments and seeing what the flist has to try and keep up.

I must have squeezed five days’ worth of chores into two this week! :)

I checked Lansing weather. Courtyard sitting might be dicey as it could rain for much of the weekend. Oh, well. It’s happened before. I’ll survive! :)

Some notes on my State of the Fanfics:

While writing more of “Rainbow’s Freedom”, I realized that I’ll have to change the order of some chapters. Something had been nagging me for awhile and I finally realized what yesterday. So I’ll finish the chapter I’m working on, then write what I planned to come later and insert that in earlier.

So far I have 14 chapters and 89 handwritten pages completed, and that’s far from finished! :)

Some ideas are running around in my head for the sequel to “Silver Fire”.

Still working off-and-on with the Cat and the Canary fic! :)

So many ideas, so little time! :)

Well, that’s it for me. I need to wrap things up and finish packing. I’ll see you all when I get back!

Be good! Okay, be bad! ;)
Tags: fanfic, mediawest*con
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