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Recs, The Nature Of BDSM, D/s, and Other Things

Hmm, I thought I'd do a rec of comms that might fit some people's tastes: slavefics, dsfics, and bdsm_fandom. The latter two involve consensual dominance and submission. All are multi-fandom comms and the first two also allow original fic.

As a ramble, I do enjoy the exploration of power dynamics in both actual slavery and D/s situations. I've built an AU in which slavery is commonplace on Earth in the Clark/Bruce series, Rainbow's Freedom, and intend to continue with the Bruce/Dick D/s series, Collared, when I can, ahem, collar some of the plot bunnies! ;)

The slave scenarios involve intense emotions and situations by their very nature, and the consensual D/s scenarios are fascinating psychological studies of characters who willingly submit. My belief is that Clark is a natural sub, which suits the most powerful being on the planet, because it's a psychological safety mechanism for the rest of us. A man with sub tendencies is far less likely to want to rule the world. And being a sub doesn't mean he's a wimp! It means he's incredibly strong and courageous in the most fascinating sense of the word (I must be channeling Spock). I understand I'm probably in the minority with this opinion but that's fine. I am happy to honor IDIC. :)

I've been mulling over some AUs using these themes for Public Enemies, as the use of chains would fit quite nicely! ;) I'll probably just write them as an indulgence, because the fandom is small and who knows who would read it? But sometimes you just need to write stuff that is clamoring to get out. ;) Besides, Christian Bale's character in a collar and manacles? How could I go wrong? ;)

One of these days I should run a Challenge using either slave or D/s themes, though I'm not sure there'd be any takers! ;)

I know, I am this sweet little Sparkle Queen with a whips n' chains playroom in the basement. ;)

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