bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Kicking The Old Decade Out; Ringing In The New

I could do one of those end-of-the-decade memes, but this past decade was literally the worst of my entire life, so, no, not going there. 

Ironically, it was probably the best decade of my fannish life, finding the DC Comics community here on LJ, and then plunging into my new Public Enemies fandom.  I might do some reflection when I write up my 2009 Fic Tally, because there was a LOT of writing done this year. 

It's still not midnight here, but what the hey?  I've just finished watching my new DVD, Public Enemies, had some chicken wings and salad, and am wide awake and ready to watch the ball drop in 90 minutes or so.

Happy New Year!

May The Next Ten Years
Be A Helluva Lot Better

Than The Last Ten!  


Tags: dc comics, fanfic, flist, holiday, lj, new year's, rl, writing
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