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Classic Fic Of The Month (January 2010)

Welcome to a New Year(soon)! :)

Let’s hope 2010 is better for a lot of us, eh?

For the past two years I've spotlighted Classic Fic of the Month and thought I’d do so again this year. Fandom on the Internet is tough to keep up with, and the Net is so ephemeral by its nature, I thought it would be nice to look back at previous stories. In 2009, I did a themed post each month, so I thought I would continue with that, and perhaps mix in months featuring specific pairings.

A year ago this month a new Administration was inaugurated in Washington, and the best of the DCU was there: Brand New Day with a touch of Camelot. As for Camelot, how about a fairytale of Kings and Princes: Diamond Heart, a Clark/Bruce tale sure to warm the coldest heart. :)
Tags: brand new day, clark kent/bruce wayne, classic fic, diamond heart, dick grayson/roy harper, fanfic, green arrow/black canary, ollie queen/dinah lance, robin/speedy, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman, superman/batman, writing
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