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Fic: Silver Fire I: A Taste Of Silver, Laced With Emerald (6/6)

Title: Silver Fire I: A Taste Of Silver, Laced With Emerald (6/6)
Author: BradyGirl
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Bruce
Categories: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: Violence
Spoilers: None
General Summary: The JLA battles an invading army on a distant planet. All chapters can be found here.
Summary (this chapter): The L’Olean Supreme Commander ponders his mission’s success.
Date Of Completion: May 22, 2007
Date Of Posting: May 23, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1107
Author’s Note: This story was inspired by an illustration done by rai_daydreamer entitled “Protective” and can be viewed here. :) 





The Supreme Commander watched the progress of the battle on his monitor screens.  He calmly gave the order to disengage, and the allied forces who had stood against them cheered.  The day was won!


Or so they thought.


The Fleet began its retreat, the planet celebrating its reprieve.  The Supreme Commander keyed in a video on his screen, the planet blurring and disappearing.


He watched as Soldier T’Rorr conducted his tests.  The subjects were prime specimens: strong, resourceful, and Paired.


The doorchime sounded. “Come.”


The head of his science section, P’Rell, entered with a datapad. “The report, sir, and our conclusions.”


“Excellent.” A blue hand met red as the Commander took the pad. “I commend you on your swiftness, P’Rell.”


The scientist bowed. “I am honored, Supreme Commander.”


P’Rell left, knowing that the Commander would call a meeting on their journey home to discuss the findings, but first he would want to read and mull things over.


The Supreme Commander of the L’Olean Forces Invader began to read:


& & & & & &


Results of Planet-side Tests


Subjects H/B and K/S are prime specimens for Transfer.  Soldier T’Rorr performed the following tests:


Levels 1-4 were tested on Subject H/B.  Impressive pain tolerance was recorded up to Level 4, the highest level for those of the Human species.  Since we have tested other Humans via collection from their planet throughout the centuries, we have never recorded a higher Level for a Human.  Subject H/B is one of the Elite of his species in this regard.


It was decided not to attempt a higher Level as evidence indicated that the Subject was close to brain rupture. 


Subject K/S was recorded for pain tolerance at Level 6.  In his weakened state due to the orange sun, it was decided not to test for higher Levels.  However, it is believed that this Subject can sustain pain levels at an extraordinarily high Level, perhaps a 10 if at full strength.  Unfortunately, full strength would make him impossible to restrain and therefore the benefits would be lost.


It is difficult to gauge just how high this Subject can be pushed, as Kryptonians are now such a rare find.  Speculation for the higher Levels come from data on the regenerative powers of the Kryptonian cellular structure.  It is also theorized that if the problem of restraint can be solved, that the Kryptonian could be an almost unending source of Sustenance.


However, that is the physical speculation.  It has been our experiences with past Subjects that even before physical Burn-Out, the mental portion of the Subject breaks down.


The Pairing Effect


While there are many forms of emotive emissions from the emoter races, such as Parent/Child and Sibling/Sibling, another common form of Transfer source is Pairing-Bonded. 


The Pairing-Bonded generate high levels of emotive waves.  For our purposes, the greater the emotive issue of Transfer Waves, the higher and purer the quality of Sustenance for our people.  It has been observed throughout the centuries that concern for a Pair-Bonded is a sure way to increase the quality of Transfer Waves.


Subjects H/B and K/S have shown that capacity unique to the emotive races.  It is proven through the recent tests: Subject K/S used his body as a shield for his Pair-Bonded despite knowing the pain he would endure.  Subject H/B willingly exposed himself to further Light-Punishment to save his mate.  Both were willing to endure high Levels of pain and risk termination due to the Light.  If offered a choice to allow one to be safe and the other to endure the Punishment, it is speculated that both would offer to spare the other.


It is theorized that we can study these tests and create a method whereby the endurance levels of both species can be enhanced without damage to the host bodies, at least for a much longer span of time than previously thought.  It is unfortunate that the Kryptonian is Bonded to a Human, as the Human will most likely succumb first to physical breakdown and render Subject K/S to less intense emotives, though the emotion of grief could be an interesting catalyst.  Both Subjects would break down mentally before physical breakdown.  However, both have shown signs of extraordinary mental strength and willpower, assuring us of a long, sustained Feeding.


& & & & & &


The Supreme Commander put the report down.  He was extremely satisfied with the work done by his science team.


He was also highly satisfied with the work of his military forces.  They had conducted a convincing campaign.  This planet had very few Elites to collect, and so could be abandoned without disgrace.  The plan to lure the two special Elites within their sphere of the Galaxy had worked perfectly.


He was impressed with the Human.  Subject H/B had found the flaw in their new suit designs.  That would have to be corrected.  Even though Soldier T’Rorr would have contrived a way to let them escape, the Human had taken matters into his own hands and been successful.  A worthy opponent, indeed.


He picked up the report for the final conclusions:


& & & & & &


It is suggested that final testing be done on a Human Subject to be sure of enhanced endurance levels once the method has been established.  It is also suggested that this Subject be a link between Subjects H/B and K/S for this test, as it will provide invaluable distraction to the Pair-Bonded Subjects as well as generate emotive behavior.  


There is a very real possibility that these two Subjects could provide Sustenance for our people for a record amount of time before Burn-Out.


& & & & & &


The Supreme Commander was pleased indeed with this report.  The Emperor would be most impressed.


A whistle brought his attention to the commlink. “Yes?”


“Supreme Commander, our agent within the enemy camp has a report.”




He patiently waited for the agent’s link to be patched through.  In the meantime, his thoughts were calm and progressive:


In two years’ Earth time, his scientists could come up with a way to enhance endurance in the test Subjects and allow for longer use to the L’Olean people.


In two years’ Earth time, the Subjects would begin to feel a false sense of security, certain that the L’Olean were so far away and simply a bad memory.  They would believe themselves rid of a race that they would think that they and their colleagues had defeated.


In two years’ Earth time, the Emperor would be celebrating his Jubilee.


He would have the most impressive gift of all to present to the Emperor.



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