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Glitter Winter Holidays Challenge Update!!! (12/29/09)

Our first New Year's Eve fic for the 2009 DCU Fic/Art Glitter Winter Holidays Challenge! Woot! :)

aranel_took even put glitter in the title! LOL! And she's crafted a wonderful little Hal/Kyle tale as the countdown to midnight begins.

The complete Master List is here, and it's BIG, people! :)

Title: All That Glitters
Author: aranel_took
Fandom: DC Comics - Green Lantern
Challenge: bradygirl_12's 2009 DCU Fic/Art Glitter Winter Holidays Challenge
Prompt: glitter
Characters: Hal Jordan/Kyle Rayner, Ollie Queen, Alfred Pennyworth
Words: 1,300
Rating: PG
Summary: Hal gets some wise advice.
Author's Notes: Thanks to juno_magic for the Beta!
Tags: 2009 dcu fic/art glitter winter holidays, challenge, holiday, master list, new year's
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