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Week 16: New England Patriots 35, Jacksonville Jaguars 7 (10-5) (Sunday, December 27, 2009)

Week 16: New England Patriots 35, Jacksonville Jaguars 7 (10-5) (Sunday, December 27, 2009)

The Patriots enjoyed a resounding win against Jacksonville in Week 16. They clinched the AFC East and are in the playoffs with a first-round home game.

The offense finally looked like what we’d been expecting all season: laser strikes by Tom to his receivers. Randy Moss had three TDs and Wes Welker broke his own and team record for most receptions (112) for the season. The defense made some big plays and were working on a shut-out until Jacksonville did manage to score one touchdown.

It was a good win and bodes well for the playoffs, but the team has been inconsistent, so we’ll see. However, getting into the Tournament is the important thing, and everyone starts at 0-0 once again. :)

On a related note, regular season perfection of 16-0 remains the Pats’. The Colts threw away their chance for that and a possible 19-0 by pulling Peyton Manning in the third quarter to ‘rest’, and the other starters as well, allowing the Jets to beat them and end the unbeaten season. HUGE fall-out in Indy today!

The Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl in the ’07 season, but they know they went for it and left everything they had out on the field. No one has won 16 regular season games (Miami won 14 in ’72, and later in the decade the season was expanded to 16 games). Bill Belichick would NEVER throw away such a chance.

I’d say there will be lifelong regrets over this missed opportunity. Sure, if they win the Super Bowl it will probably a dead issue except for the fact that they could have been 19-0.

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