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I Am *So* Excited!

I am *so* excited, as the title of this entry says!  :)  I have had a lot of kind, patient help and I will probably be posting stories to the World's Finest group as well as here in my little journal.  While I was doing techie stuff I was busy finishing up a batch of stories, drabbles, and who knows what else?  Heh!  Anyway, I also perused some other groups and found out new Wonder Woman news, and joined up at We Love Dick.  Yes, that's the name!  :)  It's a lovely site dedicated to Dick Grayson, the original Robin.  Looks like I found a site for my Bruce/Dick stories, not to mention my favorite little bird and the Big Red S.  :)  I found other non-comics sites, too, and have been having a ball surfing the Web lately.  It must be my second wave as when I first got on-line years ago, I was obsessed!  But of course it all cooled down and I could go days without logging on, but now I'm kinda back to, "I gotta check my e-mail!" and now it's my LJ as well.  So right now life is good!  Best of all I get to read all my friends' entries and see how things are going with everybody.  I wish everyone a Happy Retro Yule, Christmas, and New Year's!  I love the retro look, don't you?    
Tags: batman, dick grayson, retro, robin, superman, wonder woman
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