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Holiday Writing

Well, as you can tell, I've been writing lots of holiday stuff this year. And one more to go! :)

Got any New Year's fic or art? ;)

A little preview of my 2009 Fic Tally. :)

The Winter Holidays theme really worked for me this year. Or maybe it was the Glitter theme. Or both. ;)

It was fun to tailor the basic Winter Holidays theme to two fandoms, and goodness gosh, the whole cycle starts over again in 2010! Lots of holidays to have fun with, and new Challenges to come.

I'll have the usual monthly update of the fic I've posted, and I'll be also working on a year's-end review. That won't be posted for awhile as I have a lot of sifting and sorting to do. I'm at 100 stories so far and I haven't even counted this month's entries yet! There have been some interesting patterns I'll be commenting on, and I'll give you the final numbers as to stories/pairings/threesomes in my future post.

I met some goals and am looking forward to wrapping up old ones and starting new ones in 2010. :)

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